Jul.8 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 505: Miss Me X 100

It has arrived! The history-making 100th episode of M3TV.ca/PrettyLittleLiars is here. Check out our recap below and watch new episodes of Pretty Little Liars every Tuesday at 8E/5P on M3. Catch up on episodes, galleries, recaps and more online anytime at M3TV.ca/PrettyLittleLiars.

Hanna is back to hanging out with Travis and he’s doing a good job trying to make Hanna feel better about Alison returning to school. Unfortunately, nothing short of Alison leaving town will make Hanna less anxious about looking like Alison’s puppets again.


Aria has turned to Ezra to find comfort in her guilt over Shana and the two are out for a walk when they run into Alison.


The evening gets even more surprising when the trio watch as Jenna gets off the bus. I see everyone is coming home for the big 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars. Amazing!


Toby and Spencer are hanging out when Toby gets a call from his step-sister Jenna. She tells him that she’s back in town after living in New York and is broken up over Shana, a death that is surprising to Toby. I guess Spencer isn’t going with the ‘honesty is the best policy’ thing anymore. Spencer calls a meeting with the girls and they’re all shocked that Jenna was in New York, scared that she’s back to finish what Shana started. Aria urges Spencer to tell Toby the truth and not get lost in lies, which she finally does the next night.


It’s finally Alison’s first day of school and her walk through the front doors doesn’t go as badly as the girls anticipated. Only a minimal number of death threats uttered. Not a bad day!


Spencer is called to the principal’s office and finds her mother waiting with a devastating message. She’s leaving Spencer’s father and is taking her daughter with her – immediately. The two women return home to pack before Mr. Hastings gets home, but Spencer refuses to move until her mother gives her something to go on. Mrs. Hastings finally admits that she hired a private investigator, who followed Mr. Hastings and Melissa the night Mrs. DiLaurentis was killed. The two lied and said they were at a diner. That’s all Spencer needs to hear to jump into action and help her mother get the hell outta there. I’d like to hear more! Did they actually kill Mrs. D?!? Spencer is always ‘Miss 50 Questions’ and now is when she decides to stop asking? Gah! I need answers, people!


Emily finds a very upset Paige in the swim team locker room and convinces her to meet face to face with Ali and try to work things out. The two girls have a pow wow in Emily’s room and both end up in tears, with Paige telling Alison she’s a terrible person and Alison apologizing for being a terrible person. I guess it was productive?


Afterwards, Alison asks to go with the girls to a school event that night, but Emily says no, telling Alison she already invited Paige. Before Emily is out the door, Alison stops her to say that Emily’s feelings for her aren’t one sided. Oh, that Alison is good. Still messing with poor Emily and her emotions. Hey Emily, remember who didn’t mess with your emotions? Paige. Good ole Paige.


Alison heads home, as usual walking alone in the dark, and feels like a car is following her. She runs into a church for shelter and finds Mona there waiting for her. Mona wants her gone and doesn’t care how many times Alison apologizes. Alison tries to tell Mona she’s changed, but decides to switch courses and go back to her old ways, telling the girl she can make her Loser-Mona again. Mona slaps Alison and Alison slaps her back, drawing blood. Damn! I mean, I realize these two have always essentially been trying to kill one another, both socially or literally, but the slaps are still shocking.


When Alison meets up with her friends later that night she retells the gory details, but leaves out threatening Mona and slapping her. The rest of the girls leave and Alison asks Emily to stay the night and she does, with the two finally hooking up together. Damn damn! You go, Episode 100!


Hoping she can alleviate some of her guilt over Shana’s death, Aria goes to Jenna’s house after school, but when the reality of a sobbing Jenna is starring Aria in the face, she bolts.


I don’t know if Jenna is faking being blind again or if Aria wears strong perfume, but Jenna shows up at Aria’s house and tells her enemy that she knows Aria was in her bedroom. Aria apologizes and says that she was there to pay her respects. Jenna admits that she has no one now and Aria invites her in, asking Jenna to tell her about Shana. Later, Jenna, new girl Sydney, and Mona meet up together to discuss getting rid of Alison. Of course Sydney is connected to Alison. Isn’t everyone? A fourth person arrives to the rendezvous, but we don’t see who it is because the PLL creators are literally trying to make my head explode.

Aria goes to Ezra’s apartment to tell him about talking to Jenna. When she starts spiralling into guilt again, Ezra pulls up his shirt to reveal his scar from Shana shooting him, reminding Aria that Shana was a danger. He also simultaneously reminds her that he’s super-hot and the two end up in bed together. We even got some naked back! You go, ABC Family.


Lucas invites Hanna to a party at his house that night to introduce all his friends to his new girlfriend and Hanna stops at the coffee shop on the way, grabbing drinks for her and Travis. Hanna gets a real jolt when she turns around in line and comes face to face with Caleb! Yaaas Caleb! Now that’s what I call keeping it 100.


First, he tries to pick a fight with a cheerleader, and then he takes off when he sees that Hanna is holding a drink with Travis’ name. What the heck happened to him in Ravenswood? I mean, I know, because I watched the show, but when did he get so angry? Must be the new hair.


Hanna and Travis get to Lucas’ party and Hanna spends her time simultaneously calling Caleb and leaving him voicemails while getting drunk. Terrible combo.


The next day at school, Mona and her followers confront Alison and the girls in the cafeteria. Mona has a cut on her face from Alison slapping her and a video that she secretly shot to prove it. Score one for Mona. The girls are livid with Alison for continuing to lie to them. Emily is especially upset and Alison repeatedly tries to apologize throughout the day, but gets distracted when a Press Conference is announced to reveal the identity of the girl in her grave. It’s go time.


Hanna finds Caleb hanging out in the park they used to frequent when he was happy Caleb and asks him what happened in Ravenswood and why he won’t return her calls. He doesn’t say anything, but when everyone meets to watch the press conference, Caleb reaches out and take Hanna’s hand. It’s a start. My little Haleb heart will take whatever it can get.


The time has finally come. The girl in the grave is Bethany Young and she was a 17 year old patient at Radley who escaped the night Alison was ‘allegedly’ kidnapped. I guess the police aren’t buying Alison’s cover story.


Before anyone can speak, there’s an explosion and they run outside. Someone or some people have blown up Toby’s family house! Was Jenna inside, or was she outside lighting the flame? Talk about going out with a bang.