Jul.22 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 507: The Silence of E. Lamb

Mrs. Fields wants Emily to invite Alison and the girls to dinner and it’s as if they’ve been invited to a party where everyone is in black hoodies. Seriously, it’s dinner. The girls all reluctantly say yes (is Mrs. Fields a crappy cook?) and separate in the hallway. Sydney finds Emily at her locker and informs her that Paige stayed home because someone put a dead rat in her locker. I realize it was last week, but all of the EWs are still racing through me. Emily spots Mona and confronts the sweater set lover, who plays coy as usual.

Caleb is back at Rosewood High to take his exit exams from high school and isn’t studying, because no one on this show studies anymore. Hanna talks to him about her concern over having to spend the night at dinner with Alison and he suggests she make a clean break from the troubled girl, but Hanna won’t risk losing her friends in the separation.

Caleb and Alison are in the same room taking tests, only her test is to get back into high school, not out. Caleb decides to skip the test, but not before upsetting Alison, causing her to leave an angry voicemail for Hanna.

When Caleb visits Hanna later with a case of beer, Hanna is enraged he talked to Ali and throws him out. DUDE, care less about Alison already.

Aria has her first volunteer shift at Radley and Eddie Lamb recognizes her, he’s just not sure where from. Or he knows exactly where from and is pretending.

A patient named Rhonda begins yelling ‘thief’ at Aria when she sees her pull Bethany’s drawing out of her bag. The instructor tells Aria that Rhonda is likely upset by the police recently questioning her about Bethany, since the two girls were patients at Radley. Ding ding!

Aria begins snooping around Rhonda’s and has to hide under the psych patient’s bed when Rhonda returns. Before she’s crushed by the tiny bedframe, Aria notices that Bethany’s sketch book is hidden underneath Rhonda’s mattress. She waits until the girl leaves the room and steals the book.

It’s almost a clean getaway, but Eddie stops Aria in the parking lot and notices the book in her bag. He lets her leave, but now he knows Aria is onto whatever he knows about Bethany.

Eddie calls Ezra and sets up a meeting, but after an hour, Ezra finally leaves and heads to Aria’s house to fill her in. I’m gonna go ahead and assume that Eddie missed their meeting because he’s dead. Everyone is always dead when they miss a meeting in Rosewood. Also, this episode is titled ‘The Silence of E. Lamb’, so yeah, dead.

Aria heads to Spencer’s and the girls are looking through Bethany’s sketchbook when they find a drawing of a woman falling off the roof at Radley, followed by images of Mrs. DiLaurentis with devil horns and the word ‘liar’ written over her face. Could Bethany have been the ‘fragile patient’ that was on the roof with Toby’s mother the night she died at Radley? And did Bethany confront Mrs. DiLaurentis about the cover up, only to end up dead?

Melissa has given her apartment to Mr. Hastings and is back home with Spencer and their mother. She found old food and a dead mouse left in the garage, likely by Spencer’s former sober coach. Enough with the dead rodents, PLL! I can’t handle the scurry-ness!

Spencer and Ezra are packing his security gear into Spencer’s garage to hide, but before it’s all packed away, Spencer asks to borrow a camera she can use to follow someone, ie. Melissa.

Spencer and Aria skip dinner to follow Melissa and Rhonda and Hanna tells Emily she can’t come because of cramps. Hanna, cramps? You can do better. Emily shows up at Hanna’s house and convinces her to come to dinner, telling her that her mom has made popovers and Hanna knows what that means. Um, I’d like to know what that means. Hanna and Alison are alone at dinner and Alison tells her old friend that she’s worried Caleb is going to make trouble for Alison and tell everyone that she’s been lying. Hanna decides that the only way to get through the night, and the popovers, is with a lot of vodka.

Hanna is drunk in a matter of minutes and Alison is vying for Best Dramatic Actress with her stories about being in a dark cave. Mrs. Fields doesn’t seem to buy it, and later she tells Emily that her friends at the police station are convinced by Alison’s tall tale.

Emily finally throws Hanna’s drunk booty out and Hanna makes her way to the Brew, where a very friendly Sydney appears out of thin air. Hanna is visibly drunk and Syndey convinces her to sober up over some lattes, giving Hanna just enough face time with Sydney to spill the beans about New York. What a cheap drunk.

Hanna sobers up when she sees Caleb, someone she can actually tell secrets to, and she finally makes her move. Haleb lives!

Spencer is spending her night watching her surveillance camera when she sees someone walk into her backyard. It’s Alison, and when Emily and Aria arrive, they confirm Alison is wearing a different outfit than earlier the day.

Hanna is the last to arrive, but gets there just in time for ‘A’ to send a text to Emily, Spencer and Aria, informing them that Hanna had a New York slip up earlier that night. Won’t the girls automatically assume it was Sydney who sent the text? Sydney is definitely working with Mona and Jenna, and I would think those seasoned torturers would be more careful. It could also mean that Mona, Jenna and Sydney are the least of the girl’s problem and that there is an A-Team in Rosewood they haven’t even considered yet.

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