Jul.29 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 508: Scream For Me

Sergeant Tanner is back to question Alison about Shana and she’s doing it at school. Hasn’t Alison missed too many classes already? Tanner is trying to figure out why Shana would move to Rosewood and what Alison’s connection is to Shana. Never mind, keep questioning Ali. We want answers too. Alison manages to play dumb, but she knows Tanner is trying to trip her up and she’s worried she’ll succeed.

Ella is back from Europe with Zack and they’re having their engagement party this weekend. Ella asks her daughter to be her maid of honour and join her later that day to look at dresses, but Aria is more concerned with giving Ezra a heads up about Tanner and getting to her volunteer session at Radley to spy and blows off the date with her mom. Ugh, worst bridesmaid already, amirite? Aria arrives at her volunteer shift and immediately begins looking for Eddy, hoping she can find out why he didn’t show up for his meeting with Ezra.

She learns that he is no longer at Radley. Interesting timing. Aria then moves on to returning Bethany’s sketchbook and gets caught by Rhonda, who turns out to be quite helpful once she’s been given a Root Beer and some Cheetos. Same goes for me, FYI. Aria learns that ‘some rich lady with a beige purse’, likely Mrs. DiLaurentis, would sign Bethany out of Radley and take her to the circus and even let her adopt a pony. Aria tries to press for more info, but their secret meeting is cut short by a very angry nurse. Side note: missed opportunity to call this episode ‘Help Me Rhonda’.

Emily finds Sydney in the locker room at school and makes up a story about Hanna being a cheap drunk and lying about going to New York, but Sydney blows it off. She’s more interested in hearing how excited Emily is to be the new assistant coach of the swim team. Emily declines the position, but Sydney and adamant and shows up at her house later with the Assistant Captain hoody she had already ordered with Emily’s name. The two girls begin talking and Sydney mentions that her dad is opening a Frozen Yogurt (nom) business in New York and says Emily probably saw when she was there. Emily is quick to correct her, saying she’s never been the New York, and Sydney laughs it off, saying she has chlorine in her brain.

Alison’s dad is going out of town for a few days and Alison asks to stay at Hanna’s. Why wouldn’t she ask to stay at Emily’s house? Seems odd. Before Hanna can come up with a good excuse, she gets home from school to find Alison already moved in.

Hanna leaves to hang out with Caleb and gets to work on getting drunk. She stops by The Brew for a sandwich, but finds it closed ahead of Ella and Zack’s engagement party. Ella’s fiancé Zack, who owns the Brew, spots Hanna and lets her come inside to get food. He also gets really handsy. Oh no!!! Hanna and Caleb head to his cabin and instead of telling Caleb why she’s upset, she proceeds to get super drunk. Oh no x 2.

At school the next day, Hanna shows up hung-over and still upset about Zack. She confides in Emily and Spencer, but her two friends begin questioning Hanna on how sober she was when she saw Zack, asking if maybe she’s remembering things incorrectly. Understandably, Hanna is upset and runs off.

Later that night, Hanna is alone in her car when Zack spots her and jumps in. He tells Hanna he felt a connection between them and gives her his phone number. What a creep. Hanna rips up the number, which I feel was a bad move. That would have been evidence to prove tipsy or not, she was right about Zack.

For once, someone on this show decides to not keep a secret! Yay! Too bad for Hanna, Aria did not want to hear anything negative about Zack. Aria reacts horribly to Hanna telling her about Zack and yells at Hanna that bad things always happen because of her and then throws her friend out. It’s a rough fight and later that night, Aria begins to doubt herself when Zack plants himself next to her on the couch instead of her mom. Such a creep.

Emily and Spencer follow up on the horse info from Rhonda and check out the stables where Mrs. DiLaurentis took Bethany. They find Declan, a very unfriendly riding instructor, who remembers Mrs. D and Bethany. He says that Bethany got upset one day with Mrs. DiLaurentis asked her to call her Aunt Jessica and threw a bucket at the woman. That’s all he remembers, but Spencer wants to keep looking around.

She finds Melissa’s riding helmet, but misses seeing ‘A’ lock Spencer and Emily in a stall. When one of the horses begins freaking out over the thunderstorm, the two girls barely make it out before being kicked to death.

Spencer comes home to find Toby, who thank the lawd, cut his hair! Also, he wants to join the police force. Okay, that’s important too, but his hair looks so much better! He thinks he can better protect Spencer from inside the Rosewood Police force. This Toby is on fire today with good ideas!

Hanna’s mother Ashley is home with Alison when she hears someone breaking into the house. She sees a person in a black hood run through her kitchen and grabs Alison to protect the teen and calls the police.

Sergeant Tanner arrives on scene, because she doesn’t seem to be that busy, and launches into questioning Alison again. Ashley is visibly shaken up by the event, a natural reaction to someone breaking in.

When Spencer and Emily rush to Alison’s side to check on her, Alison reveals a startling truth. She asked Noel Kahn to break in and scare Ashley so that she would finally have an adult on her side who believes someone is after her. Either she’s lying for some reason, or that’s really messed up.

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