Aug.27 / 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap 512: Taking This One To The Grave

The Summer Finale of PLL is finally here and as promised, someone does not make it out of the episode alive. Let’s skip the small talk and get to the goods!

Last week’s episode included Tanner paying Byron Montgomery a visit and informing him that a ‘young girl’ would be speaking with her. That girl is of course Alison, who is proving the saying ‘hell hath no fury like a teenage girl scorned’, or something like that. Now that her four friends have iced her out, she’s going to the cops to do everything she can to implicate Spencer in the murder of Bethany Young, because it was most likely her that pulled the trigger…or swung the shovel, or whatever it was that killed Bethany. The strange thing is, Alison is talking to Holbrook, not Tanner, and he seems to be conducting the interview behind Tanner’s back.

The girls go to see Mona, who lives in a shockingly nice house with a shockingly nice mom (kinda thought she would be holed up in a sketchy cabin somewhere) and ask for her help to find out what Alison is telling the cops.

Mona agrees to help the girls and apologizes for taking a lot of her Alison-anger out on them. Then she gives them cookies. I think they can forgive her for trying to kill them. Those cookies look delish.


Mona gets to work and starts by assembling her A-Squad, but only Lucas shows up. Alison has lured the rest of them to the dark side. Who needs a team when you have Mona’s hacking skills and Lucas’ trusting face, which he uses to walk into the police station and plug into their computer system.

Mona hacks in and shows the girls the video of Alison giving her testimony while taking a lie detector test, where she passive aggressively sets Spencer up. Dang. She’s good.

Even with the craptacular news, the girls throw on some lip gloss and try to get back to a little normalcy. Emily and Paige finally have their make-up kiss and Paige even agrees to help Emily decorate her house for Christmas.

She is in love. Hanna and Caleb help as well, with Caleb spending the whole time pressing Hanna about what she’s hiding until she admits that Mona is helping them.

The Montgomery’s have invited Ezra over for Thanksgiving dinner and Aria is helping him make a pumpkin pie with actual pumpkins. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that done. Well played, Ezra.

Meanwhile, Toby has sailed through the police academy and is having his big graduation that night. Spencer gives him his graduation gift early, a pocket watch with an inscription. They’re having a really nice moment, which means we’re being set up to think Toby is going to die. I see what you’re doing here, PLL.

With her Team having gone AWOL, Mona enlists Caleb’s help, using his hacking skills to break into more police files. Holbrook requested Bethany Young’s files be released from Radley, and Caleb finds documents showing that Alison’s lie detector performance has exonerated her from any implication in Bethany Young’s murder. Now the police are going back to their original suspect, Spencer Hastings. Well, that’s not good.

The girls decide that it’s time to take matters into their own hands, which in their case means Spencer and Mona are throwing on some uniforms and going back to Radley.

Hanna and Caleb wait in the car and use Caleb’s CIA-like know-how to unlock doors for the girls, Aria creates a distraction during her volunteer shift to get the attention of the actual nurses while Emily keeps Alison busy. Emily does her best to convince Ali she wants to be friends again, but when Alison sees a text from Hanna on Emily’s phone, she realizes she’s being played. She storms out of Emily’s house and Paige follows her to an abandoned barn where a huge group of people are waiting for Alison. We will call this her ‘army’.

Aria’s attempt to distract the nursing staff goes smoothly until Holbrook shows up. This guy is everywhere. He begins asking Aria questions about Spencer and thankfully she responds by saying she won’t answer questions without her parents present. Finally, these girls are getting better about being questioned by the police.

Spencer and Mona make it into the file room and find a box on Bethany Young. Inside are tapes with hours and hours of Bethany’s therapy sessions. It turns out that Mrs. DiLaurentis was having an affair with Bethany’s father. Is there anyone she didn’t have an affair with? They gather up the evidence and get the hell outta there.


Spencer is late for Toby’s graduation because of her trip back to Radley and he calls her from his truck to find out where she is. Distracted by his phone, Toby doesn’t see the car speedy towards him and crashes! Toby’s dead! Nah, he’s fine. Just a broken leg. Phew!

The girls meet at the Brew to plan their next step, but unfortunately they’re going to have to do it without Spencer. Holbrook shows up and arrests her for the murder of Bethany Young! SHIIIIIZZZZZZ!

Mona is at home going through Bethany’s Radley files and finally makes the connection they need. Alison did know Bethany and put her in Radley. She was punishing Bethany for her father’s affair with Mrs. DiLaurentis and wanted her dead. Mona calls Aria to tell her they finally have what they need to nail Alison, but as soon as she gets off the phone, a blond in black hood is in her room and ready…to kill Mona. Aw man! I’m sure we’re supposed to assume this is Alison, but since we didn’t get to see her face, it could really be anyone in a blond wig.

Aria, Ezra, Hanna and Emily race to Mona’s to see the Radley files and instead find her living room and bedroom covered in blood with no body. It’s a gruesome scene and Holbrook makes the official statement that Mona Vanderwaal has been killed.

Our final scene for the Summer Finale is a very dead Mona in the trunk of a car with the baby Jesus from Emily’s yard laying next to her. Welp, I’m gonna go watch some cartoon before going to bed because that was seriously scurry.