Jan.27 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 517: Bin of Sin

It’s been five seasons and the Liars still can’t get enough of walking into abandoned warehouses and separating on purpose. Good lawd! Let’s find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Bin of Sin.

Aria manages to work up the nerve to not only tell Ezra about the letter she wrote to Talmadge, but even shows him. Really? She couldn’t just give a loose description? Ezra forgives Aria right away, concentrating instead on the fact that she got into school. He’s such a good teacher. You know, when he’s not sleeping with students.


Then Ezra starts to processes the letter and realizes that some of what Aria said may be true. He tells her to take some time and think about whether they should be together while she’s in college. He’s worried she’ll miss out on experiences and grow to resent him. Aria flips through her yearbook and sees that she really hasn’t done anything in school, but I feel like that’s more because she’s been chasing/avoiding a murderer and not because of Ezria.

Emily is still trying to figure out the deal with Talia. When Talia announces she made Ezra a pecan pie, his favourite (didn’t board shorts like boysenberry?), Emily informs Talia that Ezra has a girlfriend. Then she punches Talia. J/K, but seriously, Emily has been sooooo mean to this woman.

Talia takes another approach and makes dinner for Emily, finally admitting that she’s been talking about Ezra as a way to gauge whether Emily is straight. That’s a terrible test. Straight or gay, Ezra is sew cahute. Zero shocker, Talia is interested in Emily. Can we blame her? LOOK AT THAT HAIR.

Ashely is still considering Pastor Ted’s proposal and is using the ‘second marriages are scary’ line as her reason for stalling. Good thinking! But God is watching and doesn’t like liars. Hanna thinks Ashley should tell Ted about sleeping with Jason, but she’s not feeling that plan. Sounds super awkward.

Ashley does make one good decision, which is to stop working with Jason. She tells him that she has a boyfriend (which he didn’t know) and that this boyfriend proposed (which he didn’t know).


Jason seems to take everything pretty well, but when he leans in for a kiss it’s clear he’s not ready to stop sleeping with Hanna’s mom. She’s got it going on.


The storage unit containing bloody clothes and possibly Mona’s body in a barrel was rented in Hanna’s name the day before Mona was killed. Everyone assumes this was Alison, but maybe it was Mona’s handiwork and she wanted the girls to find something specific there. Like her body. Hanna doesn’t think her alibi of being home alone with Caleb when Mona was murdered will stand up in court and she’s probably right. She wants everything in the storage locker moved and burned, but Caleb and the rest of the girls think it would be better to not touch anything.

Knowing that orange jumpsuits are a hard look to pull off, Hanna goes rogue and gets her Breaking Bad-on, buying chemicals and renting a van to dispose of everything in the locker. Caleb tries to stop her, but when he realizes her mind can’t be changed, he agrees to help.


Spencer is worried that Hanna is going to do something stupid and rightly so. She tries talking to Toby at the police station, but Tanner scares her away. Toby takes this opportunity to tell his Sergeant that he’s been looking into Detective Holbrook and believes he’s helping Alison DiLaurentis. No big surprise, Tanner isn’t pleased that Toby and his five minutes of being a cop have led him to question his superiors.


Caleb and Hanna cut the wires to the security cameras in the storage facility and break into the locker, finding only the barrel left.

When they leave the unit to retrieve the dolly from the van, they run into Toby and Tanner, who received a call tipping them off to the locker. Roh row.

Toby and Tanner open the bin and considering the smell, she’s pretty sure it’s a body. I’m really glad there weren’t visuals to accompany that. Tanner also spots some blood next to the barrel and informs Toby that if the blood matches Mona, they’re picking up Caleb and Hanna.

Tanner makes it very clear to Toby that he needs to choose between his friends and his job. Spencer tries all day to reach Toby and when she does, he lies and tells her he’s working late. That uniform may be the end of Spoby. You can’t rock a uni like that and expect to hand it in when your girlfriend is a criminal, amirite?

One couple staying strong is Haleb. Hanna knows Tanner is on to her now and tells Caleb to stay away. There’s a very good chance they could both go down for Mona’s murder, but Caleb refuses. He’s a total ride or die boyfriend.

Spencer gets a notification on her phone that Mona’s laptop is moving. She grabs Emily and Aria and they follow the GPS tracer, assuming they’ll find Caleb and Hanna with the laptop. Instead they find an abandoned ice cream factory, which is way too scary for a place that makes something so happy.


There are no lights, there are dead rats everywhere, the wind is blowing through broken windows and no one is getting cell phone reception. As usual, the Liars split up. COME ON. Spencer and Aria hear Caleb and Hanna and find Mona’s laptop playing a video of Haleb recorded during their conversation at Hanna’s house earlier that day. Welp, that’s creepy.

The two get locked in a freezer by ‘A’, who turns on the nitrous liquid before running away, leaving the girls to freeze to death. What an awful way to go. Emily finds them just in time and manages to break the pipes with a wrench nearby. I can’t even feel sympathy for them anymore. They’re just asking for it at this point.