Feb.3 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 518: Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me

We’re getting closer to Alison’s trial date and Mrs. Hastings is on the case, literally. She’s offered her services as a consultant to Alison’s defense team as a way to find out what evidence they have. Very smart. Although, the fact that the defense lawyers are letting a woman whose daughter was once accused of one of the crimes their client is now standing trial for seems odd. But, I rest my case! So much legal talk.

Speaking of legal talk, the police call Caleb in to question him some more about what he was doing in the storage facility. While Hanna and Caleb are waiting around in the police station, they see Holbrook pack his desk up and storm out. I guess Holbrook’s back in town! And now I guess he’s leaving town? That was quick.

Tonight’s episode was Toby-free, which gave Spencer ample time to hang out with her new neighbor Jonny. Toby! Get back here! Ezra commissioned Jonny to make an art installation inside The Book Brew (seriously, what is this place called now?) and Spencer is keeping him company. A little too company. Does she have some murder to solve? Jonny makes a whisper machine, inspired by Rosewood, and it’s actually pretty cool. Definitely worth more than the $200 Ezra promised him. Pay up, Fitzgerald.

While Spencer is hanging out with Jonny, she’s not only NOT with Toby, she’s also NOT accepting any of her college admissions. Mrs. Hastings, who is a good lawyer, finds out the truth and explains to Spencer that she is going to college. The end. I’m with the Mrs. No one joins the debate team and then decides to skip college. That cray.

Emily is still trying to feel out the Talia-vibe at work. After Talia announced her love, or at least like for Emily, she’s been silent and cold. Oh yay, this old game. When Talia helps Emily tie up her apron, Emily takes it as a sign to make a move.

She uses Jonny’s Whisper-O-Matic and tells Talia that she should have said something the other day. Then Emily talks about Talia being a gifted chef, then Talia spews some words or wisdom she got fro a chef master, and I get confused as to why a great chef is working in a book store that sells coffee. AND THEN Tamily have their first kiss. Swoon!

Everyone have their pen and paper ready? Good. So far we have new artist Jonny, new chef Talia, and now new-old Mona friend Lesli. This ‘Lesli’ character, if that is her real name, is in town to visit Mrs. Vanderwaal.

Apparently she and Mona met a few years ago and Lesli knows all about the girls and Alison and even Mike.

Hanna is tasked with keeping tabs on Lesli and also acting as her security guard. When Mike sees Hanna and Lesli in The Book Brew, he gets extremely upset at the sight of Lesli holding one of Mona’s books. Hanna manages to calm him down, but after he finally leaves, Lesli admits that she was on the phone with Mona the night before she died and a guy, who she thinks was Mike, yelled at Mona to get off the phone. Yikes. Not looking good for you, Montgomery.

Also not looking good? While Spencer was snooping through her mom’s files on Alison’s case, she finds out that the blood next to the barrel belongs to Alison. Okay, so that’s not bad, but Spencer also finds a visitation log showing that Mike visited Alison in prison. That part definitely has potential to be bad. Aria follows Mike into the woods and confronts him on a dock, which seems like a dangerous place to confront your moody brother. Mike won’t say why he visited Alison, instead giving his big sister a number of pseudo-threats. So Mike is ‘A’, right?

Hanna offers to return Mona’s book that Lesli borrowed, but before she does she gives the book a shake and finds a cassette tape inside the binding. That Mona. She sure was crafty.

Hanna and Caleb listen to the tape and hear Bethany Young talking to a psychiatrist in Radley. She’s complaining about an ‘evil bitch’ and says ‘it’s either her or me’. While I think were supposed to assume Bethany is talking about Alison, what if she’s not? What if she’s talking about Mona or Mrs. DiLaurentis or Cece Drake?

While driving back from Caleb’s house, Hanna gets pulled over by a police car. When the cop disappears from the car, Hanna grabs a tire iron and investigates. Holbrook sneaks up on her and demands to know how ‘a girl like Alison becomes a girl like Alison’. Holbrook has been suspended because of Alison and his role in tampering with the lie detector test and Hanna makes the greatest point she’s ever made - he’s an adult and Alison is a kid. If Holbrook wants to blame someone he should blame himself. BAM! Holbrook doesn’t seem to know anything about the attacks on the girls, which unfortunately means someone else is working for Alison. Hanna then lays him out with the tire iron and drives off like a badass.

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