Feb.10 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 519: Out, Damned Spot

Hanna’s mother Ashley is still contemplating what to do about Pastor Ted’s proposal and decides to distract herself by organizing a blood drive.


All the girls except for Emily give blood, since her summer trip to Haiti disqualifies her from donating. The Liars are fighting over cookies when they hear Mike knock over some supplies next to a cooler full of blood donations. I think we can all assume he stole their blood.


Aria has accepted a conditional offer from a college in Savannah and needs to get her grades up in order to attend. She’s busy trying to dodge her friend’s accusations towards Mike and blanks during the test. Thankfully, hot Andrew is sitting nearby and is the perfect person to cheat off of. PLL really stretches into Game of Thrones territory with their long list of characters you need to remember each season.


Andrew calls Aria out afterwards in the hallway, but instead of turning her in, he offers to tutor her. This is a terrible ‘cheaters never prosper’ lesson.


Emily and Talia have moved their work relationship to the outside word, going for a romantic and slightly cheesy bike ride together.


The honeymoon comes to an abrupt end with Emily sees Ezra filing Talia’s timesheet and notices she has a different last name. Ezra, seemingly oblivious to the new Brew relationship, tells Emily that Talia probably uses her maiden name and that she’s listed her husband as her emergency contact. Roh row.


Emily confronts Talia and demands an explanation, but then runs off before she can get one. It’s a dramatic approach and really not effective.


Talia later waits for Emily outside Emily’s house and suddenly I’m having déjà vu. Didn’t Maya, Paige, Alison and even Nate all use this tactic? That front lawn has seen more action than all of Rosewood combined. Talia explains that she married Eric right out of high school and even though she’s having feelings for women, Eric is her best friend and she’s not ready to lose him. Emily says she understands since she has skeletons in her closet. At some point can we find out how old Talia is supposed to be? Married and dating a high school girl? Are Spencer and Hanna the only people dating in their age box?


Speaking of Spencer, Toby needs to make an appearance ASAP or else Spody will be as dead as Mona. Too soon? Too soon. Jonny, who seems to have no job but lots of money for rent, invites Spencer to help him paint a mural at Hollis College.


They laugh, they giggle, they inhale spray paint fumes, and then Jonny catches Spencer as she falls off a ladder. Seriously Toby, where you at?


The good times end the next day when Spencer sees the front page of the paper and realizes she was an accomplice to vandalism, not a commissioned mural design. Spencer yells and Jonny and rightly so, informing him that she was recently arrested for murder and can’t get into trouble. How does Jonny know about Alison being in jail and not know Spencer was in jail? His spotty Rosewood knowledge is suspect.


Spencer’s almost-brush with the law pushes her to listen to her mother and start reaching out to family contacts, even Wren, asking him for help getting into an Ivy League college.


Now that Hanna is the new Spencer and has been accepted everywhere she applied, she needs money for tuition. Even though Ashley is unemployed after quitting her job with Jason DiLaurentis, Hanna’s dad still makes too much money to allow Hanna to qualify for financial aid. Hanna decides to ask her dad for help, hoping he’ll be proud she was accepted to so many prestigious schools. Instead, he’s annoyed that she has ambition and informs Hanna that he’s already paying for her step-sister’s education and can’t afford both girls. What a jerk.


Hanna can’t find the girls at the Brew, but she does find Ezra, who puts on his teacher’s hat and gives Hanna some good advice. Stop crying, get a job and pay for college yourself.


Hanna takes Ezra’s advice and an entry form to a pageant that awards $20,000 in scholarship money. Beauty and brains? Mona would be proud. Hanna also encourages Ashley to win Ted back after she decided to tell him about Jason.


Aria is home studying when she hears Mike’s phone ringing. The call is from the Women’s Correctional Facility and the inmate says their name is Hank Mahoney. Can you really use a fake name when you call from jail? And a man’s name at that? When Aria say’s “Alison?” the person on the other end hangs up. Aria immediately confronts Mike about the call and tells him to stay away from Alison, but he just pushes her out of his room and closes the door.


Inside his room, we see that Mike did steal blood donations from the blood drive and is hiding them in cans. Creepy and creative.


Emily spots Mike at an ATM later that day and in an impressively smooth move, snags the receipt without Mike seeing her.


Emily heads straight to Aria’s house with the receipt showing that Mike just withdrew $400 from an account with $18,000 in it. Aria has no idea where Mike would get that money, but she doesn’t have time to speculate since Mike takes the family car and is off. Andrew is over helping Aria study and agrees to drive the girls as they follow Mike.


Emily makes up a story about Mike being on drugs, which I think is about as good a cover as you can have when explaining why you would ask a casual acquaintance for help trailing your little brother. Mike arrives at a place called Jonah’s Diner and the girls hop out of Andrew’s car, thanking him and sending him on his way. Emily and Aria sneak into the diner and see Mike meeting Cyrus Petrillo, who introduces himself to Mike as Hank Mahoney.


Mike hands Cyrus an envelope and the two sit at a booth and have a chat. Aria and Emily meet Spencer outside and the three of them wait for Cyrus to leave in hopes of following him.


Instead, he tries to run them over with his motorcycle and is stopped by Andrew and his baseball bat. I am seriously liking this dude.


The girls get a text from ‘A’ with an image of their blood vials and Aria decides to sleep at Spencer’s house for the night. Good idea. We see Mike watching from outside the Hasting’s house and he is definitely terrifying. We can assume that Mike gave the blood to Cyrus to frame the girls, but what about the blood drive? Ashley Marin planning the event was a great opening for ‘A’ and Emily not being able to donate really worked out well in her favour. We’re already accusing Mike of working with ‘A’, but how far into the circle should our accusations be going?


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