Mar.3 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 522: To Plea Or Not To Plea

To Plea Or Not To Plea

There’s only two episodes left until the Season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, March 24th and tonight SHIT GOT REAL. Let’s do this! Alison’s lawyer doesn’t think a jury will believe Alison and the DA is offering her a plea deal that includes 15 years in jail and naming her accomplice, who they believe is Hanna. If Alison rejects the plea and goes to court, she could be set free. BUT! If convicted she could face life in jail with no parole. Like I said, SHIT GOT REAL.

Mrs. Hastings learns that the DA is building a case against Hanna and tells Ashley, hoping she can get Hanna a good lawyer if necessary. Ashley finally demands to know what’s going on in her daughter’s life (too little too late, lady) and Hanna tells her that someone is framing her.

Caleb tries calling Toby to find out what evidence the police have against Hanna, but Toby says he doesn’t know. What he does know is that a warrant has been issued for Hanna’s arrest.

Caleb convinces Hanna to go to the police station and tell Tanner about ‘A’. Again, something that should have been done A LONG TIME AGO. But I digress. Hanna and Caleb get to the station and while waiting for Tanner, the messages from ‘A’ on Hanna’s phone are deleted. I don’t want to point fingers, but Caleb aka Mr. IT, why were you not backing these things up?

Emily and Aria are trying to figure out how to get more information from Cyrus, like Varjak’s identity, when Emily sees a note left in Aria’s locker by Andrew. The note is awfully friendly and Aria admits they kissed. Oh lawd! It’s out in the open! Nooooo Ezria!

Emily thinks they need to talk to Ezra and find out if he came across the name Varjak while ‘researching’ Alison (remember when Ezra was super creepy?). Aria is still keeping her distance, so Emily goes to Ezra on her own. He doesn’t remember the name, but they agree that maybe the lawyer who said Mona hired him is actually working for ‘A’. Ezra schedules a meeting with James Neilan, who gets spooked as soon as Ezra mentions Mona.

Aria meets Ezra and Emily at Neilan’s office and they follow him to a mansion in the middle of the words. Emily follows Neilan into the compound before the gates close, but Ezra was too preoccupied asking Aria who Andrew is after seeing his name on her phone. Awkward!

Welp, now Emily is inside the compound on her own. Nice work, Ezria. Emily finds a pizza receipt in the garbage with the name Varjak and sees Neilan emptying a safe. He’s got a gun and looks like he’s not afraid to use it.

Emily manages to sneak out behind Neilan’s car when he leaves and trio rush to the police station hoping they can show Tanner their texts from ‘A’ and prove Hanna’s innocence. Not surprisingly, their texts disappear off their phones as well. Hanna is still arrested and sees her new roomie Alison as she walks through the cells.

So Alison took the plea?

Nope. For once, Alison is being a good friend. She’s being terrorized in jail by the other inmates, suffering a nasty cut on her arm and burn marks from an iron. Alison’s cell is even trashed, with the message ‘Take The Plea’ written on the wall. Even though she’s living in constant fear and gets the DA to agree to move her to another jail, Alison rejects the plea. So why was Hanna arrested?

Because Tanner has found Mona’s bloody clothes and some of the blood belongs to Hanna. Oh yeah, that’ll do it. Two questions about that. One, can forensic scientists tell that Hanna’s blood was added to the clothes after the fact? Two, why is Hanna’s blood on file? Was it taken when the girls were arrested years ago? Either way, things are not looking good for the blondes of Rosewood.

Aria decides that it’s finally time to stop avoiding Ezra and asks him to meet her the next day. She agrees that she missed out on a lot of high school because of their relationship and doesn’t want the same thing to happen in college. Ezra agrees and even though they say they’re going to stay in each other’s lives, Ezria has died. I can’t even. I just can’t. This relationship was so wrong for so long and now I’m sad. What the heck, PLL?

Melissa lives! Spencer is still in London and we finally have visual confirmation that she’s staying with Melissa and not just a guy named Colin who claims to be her flatmate. Melissa and Spencer have a few heart to hearts and agree to stop lying to one another.

Melissa even loans Spencer a dress for her non-date but totally a date-date with Colin. He has tickets to see Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Company and his friend has cancelled. Sure Colin. The two discuss Shakespeare, drink a few pints and play darts at the pub after seeing Hamlet.

They make it through the entire hang out at the pub without kissing, but back in the flat they’re both soaking from the rain and well, you’ve see Four Weddings And A Funeral. English people love kissing while wet.

The next morning Spencer is supposed to be getting ready for her interview at St. Andrew’s College, but instead she’s booking a flight home after hearing that Hanna has been arrested. Spencer asks Melissa to change her interview, forcing Melissa to admit there is no interview. Mrs. Hastings knew Alison was going to name her accomplice and wanted to keep Spencer far away and safe. Rather than acknowledging that her mother and sister were protecting her, Spencer freaks out on Melissa, calls her a killer and heads to the airport.

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