Mar.10 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 523: The Melody Lingers On

PLL 523 Recap

The trial of the century, at least in Rosewood, has arrived and it’s time for Law and Order. Alison still wants to come clean about ‘A’, but her lawyer still thinks they need to stick to the plan and leave it to the prosecutor to prove she’s lying. All Ali needs it one juror to doubt that she killed Mona and she will be acquitted. She’s totally going to seduce a member of the jury, isn’t she?

In another interview room, Ashley is adamant that Alison is the reason Hanna is in jail. Hanna continues defending her former/current/kinda friend, but Ashley just wants her daughter to be set free and tells Hanna to say whatever she needs to say, including selling out Alison.


Speaking of parents finally getting involved a little too late, the free Liars have figured out that the phone number on Varjak’s pizza receipt matches the one from the classifieds Alison was hiding, but their investigation is cut short by Mrs. Hastings. She tells the girls not to go to the trial and forbids Spencer. That’s the most normal, teenage-y thing that’s ever happened on this show. Spencer is grounded from trial.


The girls meet up with Caleb and try to figure out who belongs to the mystery phone number. Caleb has tried hacking it, but it’s well protected. They send a text from a burner phone, but instead it’s Aria getting a call from the Varjak number. Rather than a voice, it’s French music. They play the recording for Hanna who recognizes it song as something Mona used to play. Time to break into Mona’s room and look for more clues.


Spencer can’t go to the trial, but of course that doesn’t mean she can’t help. She sees Jason on the street and tells him that she thinks Alison is innocent. Before she can explain herself, Mr. DiLaurentis pulls his son away and yells at Spencer. His daughter is on trial for murder and Spencer helped get her arrested, so fair enough.


The first day of the trial hass arrived and Alison looks upset that only Aria and Emily are in attendance with no sign of Spencer. Alison, you have bigger issues. The prosecuting lawyer presents Alison’s kidnapping story as lies and argues that Alison killed Mona because she knew the truth. Oh snap, he’s good.


In the hallway of the courtroom it’s now Aria and Emily’s turn to be yelled at by Mr. DiLaurentis. This time he’s accusing them of talking Alison into lying. I get that the man has recently lost his wife and his daughter is on trial, but how can anyone think Alison was talked into lying? She is literally the liar.


Alison is back in prison, although according to Orange Is the New Black she should actually just be in a nearby jail in holding. While doing laundry with Hanna, the girls talk about Varjak’s number. After Mrs. DiLaurentis died someone took out a tribute ad in the paper. Everything was written in riddles from Alison’s childhood, like goodnight light and red balloon. Alison texted the number in the ad and the person said they know who killed her mother, but the texts stopped as soon as Mona died. So it was either Mona texting Alison or someone trying to make it look like Mona. Either way, not helpful at the moment.


Aria actually goes to school for a few minutes and sees Andrew. Remember, school? They make small talk until the trial comes up and Andrew kinda sorta says that Mona got what she deserved. Wait, what?


He was tired of always looking like he was second place to Mona on the Debate Team and doesn’t seem to have an issue speaking ill of the dead. Dude, it’s Debate Team. Andrew. ‘A’ndrew. Oh lawd, the list just got longer.


The prosecution calls Jason to the stand and Spencer is there to see her half-brother recant his testimony that he thought Alison was attacking Mona in the video. The prosecution then gets personal, implying that Jason and Ashley had an affair as a way for Ashley to convince Jason to say that Alison was innocent, which would make Hanna innocent. There are literally no secrets in Rosewood. Isn’t Jason being Alison’s brother enough to make him recant? Was bringing up the affair necessary?


After the trial, Ashley tells Ted that he doesn’t have to marry her now that everyone knows their business. It’s tough being a preachers wife, especially when you have an affair and your daughter is on trial for murder.


The girls are desperate to find something to help Alison and Hanna now that Jason’s testimony has really hurt their case. When Mona’s mother doesn’t answer the door, they break into the house and search Mona’s room.


‘A’ has already been there and left a note making it look like they found something. The girls call ‘A’s bluff and search the room, finding a note with confusing clues inside Mona’s hand mirror. It makes zero sense, but at least it’s a start?


Andrew sees Aria later at the Brew and apologizes for what he said about Mona, explaining that he would never want anything to happen to her. We’d probably have an easier time believing him if we didn’t see the shot of Andrew watching the girls search Mona’s house. Everyone that looks like ‘A’ usually isn’t ‘A’, but could Andrew be ‘A’? It’s Season 5. I’m confused and my brain hurts.


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