Mar.17 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 524: I’m A Good Girl, I Am

Tonight is our final look at Rosewood before next week’s shocking Season 5 finale and the episode is kicked off with some familiar faces. Is that Perd Hapley? And PLL author Sara Shepard as Sara Shepard but not the real Sara Shepard? This is getting cray cray.

Mona’s old friend Lesli Stone has been called to testify against Alison after conveniently finding a letter Mona sent Lesli before her death. In the letter, Mona says that Alison told her to keep quiet about the fake kidnapping or else she’d end up dead. This trial has been going on for weeks. Where ya been, Lesli? Let’s remember that this is the same girl who didn’t come to Mona’s funeral.

Oh, and she’s also testifying that all the Liars and Mike acted suspicious of her. So yeah, Lesli’s probably working for ‘A’.

Spencer and Toby finally have their awkward reunion in the hallway of the courthouse and Spencer tells Toby about her time in London, including Colin, minus the kissing. She’s probably trying to make him jealous and it probably worked. Can these two get back together already? I need something good to hold onto this episode.

Emily, Spencer and Aria call Hanna and Alison at the prison after trial and relay the message about Lesli. Alison tells them she thinks there may have been someone at the park on Thanksgiving when she was waiting for Cyrus. This would have been helpful about three months ago. Alison didn’t actually see anyone, but she remembers a jacket.

Emily and Spencer check out the park the next day and find a church group picking up trash. At school later they see a girl from the same church group with the same jacket Alison remembers seeing at the park. How do the girls know what the jacket looked like if they weren’t there? Good question. Now ignore it and move along. The girls try to talk to her, but she gets scared, yells something at Aria’s mother Ella and runs off. Wha?

Ella later tells Aria that the girl’s name is Kendra and she confided in Ella that she took drugs at a party and went to the park to sober up the night before Thanksgiving. Kendra later visits Emily and Spencer and explains the story further, saying she heard someone there the next day and thinks it was Alison. Yay! A witness! Unfortunately, Alison’s lawyer points out that the girl was on drugs and isn’t a reliable. Good point.

Alison and Hanna are doing their best to communicate in prison, with Alison burning herself on an iron and Hanna getting her fingers slammed in a door so that they can speak in the infirmary. Caleb visits Hanna and wants her to tell Aria that Mike needs to testify, but Hanna keeps saying that he’s just a kid. Hanna, you’re about a day older than Mike. Puh-lease.

Aria knows that Mike is likely going to be called to the stand and so does ‘A’, which is why they deliver a giant tongue to the Montgomery house. Ew.

Aria asks Ezra to take Mike to his cabin and get him out of Rosewood and he reluctantly agrees. When Aria later tells Andrew this he gets possessive and angry that Aria didn’t ask him for help. I know we’re supposed to be suspicious of this guy and we are.

Caleb is waiting for Ezra and Mike when they arrive at the cottage and demands that Mike come back to Rosewood with him and tell the police what he knows about Mona. Ezra is against the idea, but Mike is all for it.

While Ezra and Caleb are fighting, Mike takes off in one of the cars. The guys follow him and find the car abandoned outside a scout camp with an arrow through the window.

Ezra and Caleb are shot at with arrows and manage to escape unhurt, eventually finding Mike after he’d been pepper sprayed and tied to a pole.

Caleb takes a picture of Mike to show Tanner and prove to her that they’re all being targeted, but all she sees is some weirdo who took a picture of his friend instead of helping him.

Aria is relieved to finally hear from Ezra and tells Andrew the good news. She couldn’t reach him the night before when the guys were missing, which could be because he was shooting arrows at them. By the way, Andrew won awards as a boy scout, probably knows where that camp is and can probably shoot arrows. I’d like to just assume he’s ‘A’ and call it a day, but it’s been five seasons. We’re not getting anything that easily.

Toby is trying to work on Alison’s case, but Tanner is shutting him out of every investigation. Finally realizing that being a cop won’t help him protect Spencer, Toby goes to Spencer’s house and tells her she’s more important than his badge. Spoby lives!

Annnnd the good news ends there. At trial the next day, Alison’s lawyer tries to argue that an improperly healed broken arm would have made attacking Mona impossible for Alison. But an archery award in Alison’s house shows something different. Alison’s bunkmate at camp won the award for her, but the jury won’t believe her. The verdict is read and Alison is…guilty. Emily, Spencer and Aria are immediately arrested and we’re not even at the finale.

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