Mar.24 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 525: Welcome To The Dollhouse

The girls are dressed in orange, but instead of heading to the big house they’re on their way to the dollhouse. Find out what happened during tonight’s shocking Season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars below!

The girls have been arrested as accessories to Mona’s murder and are heading to the prison together. An anonymous tip was called in to the Warden warning him that the five girls were plotting something big, so the foursome are heading to a different prison that the one Alison is being held in. Hanna’s description of jail life is interrupted when the van the girls are travelling in gets in an accident. They hear a fight outside and the doors are thrown open to reveal ‘A’! Of course their face is covered and ‘A’ shoots off a smoke bomb, knocking all four Liars out.

‘A’ injected the officers transporting the girls with the date rape drug and they don’t remember anything the next day. Toby gives the Hastings the bad news and tries to come up with answers for who could be behind the abduction. Tanner wants the news out of the press and Toby is only allowed to tell the Hastings, or he’s not but does it anyways since he’s dating Spencer.

Caleb hacks into the police computers and shows Toby and Ezra what he’s found. They’re watching a camera that ‘A’ would have to pass in the prison van, but ‘A’ has overridden the system and replaced the footage with a cartoon.

Toby shows Tanner the evidence gathered by Caleb, hoping to prove that the girls were kidnapped and didn’t try to escape. Instead, she sees this as proof that Caleb should be arrested. I mean, he did commit a crime, but I feel like she’s missing the bigger picture.

The Hastings visit a heavily shackled Alison in prison and inform her that Spencer is missing. A heavily shackled and now tearful Alison swears that she doesn’t know where they are, but knows that ‘A’ took them, saying that someone started being ‘A’ after Mona went to Radley. Well, that’s less than helpful.

All four girls wake up in replicas of their bedrooms, which is the creepiest move ever. Well played ‘A’. Spencer throws a chair through the window, but on the other side of the broken glass is a cement wall. Cue panic attack.

A welcome message plays on the loudspeaker and all four bedroom doors open with the girls meeting in the hallway. They’re in a human sized dollhouse and hold onto one another as they move down the hallway into the ‘DiLaurentis house’ and find Mona wearing an Alison mask. Mona lives!

Mona says she’s Alison and refuses to break character. Four chimes sound and Mona tells the girls it’s game time. She takes them to another room to play Date Night on a board that has pictures of Caleb and Ezra. Mona hands out invitations to prom and the girl’s rebel, telling Mona to run off with them. An alarm sounds and Mona tells the girls it won’t stop until they’re in their rooms, forcing them all back to the replicas.

Mona, who finally admits she isn’t crazy and knows who she is, breaks all four girls out when the main generator shuts down for three minutes that night. She shows them all the different ways she’s tried to escape without success. When Mona doesn’t make it back to her room before the three minutes are up, ‘A’ will leave her for days without food or water while it plays recordings of people crying at her funeral. That’s some Hunger Games-type torture stuff there.

The girls race back to their rooms before they’re discovered and Spencer thinks of the block letters she saw in the game room. She rearranges the letters in her mind until she gets a word: Charles. Again, not at all helpful.

The next day the girls meet in a room that looks like the Breaking Bad lab. They’re divided into prom committees and Spencer recognizes the decorations from Night At The Opera, the prom that Melissa and Ian attended years ago. Spencer and Mona use their smarts to request out loud items that will help them temporarily shut down the power to the building.

The next day, ‘A’ delivers the items Spencer asked for. Spencer and Emily stage a fight to distract ‘A’ while Mona grabs the items they need to shut off the power and MacGyver’s it together. Was she a Junior Ranger along with Andrew? ‘A’ leaves out dresses out for the girls, as well as a lot of creepy mannequins for their prom.

They ask ‘Charles’ to come forward for his picture and when a masked figure steps out from the mannequins, they switch the power off and run.

The Hastings go see Caleb, Toby and Ezra and inform the trio that they know about ‘A’. Their brainstorming session is interrupted when Ezra gets a text that the police are waiting for Caleb. Who texted him?

Mrs. Hastings gets a call from Melissa and we see that someone is sitting at The Brew listening to the conversation – Andrew. So if he’s there then he’s not ‘A’, right? Or he’s just working for ‘A’. Or he has really strong headphones.

The Hastings act as Caleb’s lawyer and try to convince Tanner that the girls aren’t on the run, but have been kidnapped. Tanner agrees to let Caleb hack into the computer system to get a better look at the information and Caleb manages to find a location for the van.

The van is at the Campbell Farm, a place the Hastings took Spencer and Melissa apple picking. The girls aren’t there, but another of ‘A’s lairs is and Tanner sees on the multiple screens that Mona is alive and has company.

With the electricity shut off, all five girls are running. Spencer finds an old movie theatre with home videos of the DiLaurentis’ at the Campbell Farm. Charles walks up behind her, but takes off when Mona finds Spencer.

The five girls run outside and realize they’re surrounded by electric fences that are now active. No ‘A’ reveal, but it looks like they are truly trapped.

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