Jun.2 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 601: Game On, Charles

First things first, this episode scared the bejeebus out of us. Anyone else? PLL has raised their game and while we appreciate it, we also would have liked to have known ahead of time so that we could turn on every single light we own. Like, every light. Moving on.

Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars promised answers and it looks like we’re getting them! The season picks up right where we left the girls, which is literally in a cage. They spend a few days trapped outside, wearing ball gowns and eating and drinking nothing. This is officially the worst prom ever.

Once allowed back in we see that they’re not alone. Yes, Charles is there and quickly separates Mona once more, but there’s also ANOTHER GIRL! This reveal is already more significant than the name Charles. Is this Alison’s twin? The other girl, who must also endure wearing the same yellow shirt every day, is the only one allowed to deliver food to the girls while they’re locked in the rooms.

Because the girls ‘misbehaved’ they’re forced to spend weeks alone in their rooms. We’re not really sure what happened to them while they were in there and we’re frankly scared to know. When they’re finally allowed out it’s to prepare Alison’s room. They quickly realize this means ‘A’ is going to kidnap Ali and if ‘A’ has the real girl, what does that mean for Mona?

So far it means weeks and weeks at the bottom of a well. After that we’re pretty sure it means death.

Back in Rosewood, Alison is giving a press conference in an attempt to draw out ‘A’, who the police believe is Andrew Campbell. Like, yeah, there is definitely something off about that dude, but we know that because we see him spying on Aria. Why have the police made him the prime suspect?

Thankfully, growing up in Rosewood has taught Alison that the police there aren’t very competent, so she and Toby (Officer Pretty Competent), Caleb and Ezra hatch a plan to get Alison out of her house to meet Andrew at the kissing rock.

Andrew/Charles/A/Just Tell Us Already leaves Alison a car and it directs her to Tyler State National Park. He instructs her to put on the yellow shirt (how many yellow shirts has this man bought in his life?) and she walks through the forest to meet him. Thankfully, Ezra and Caleb follow her and the three meet up outside of where the girls are being held.

Speaking of the girls, now that they’ve been allowed outside of their rooms they’re not going back. They use the three minutes when the generator shuts down to get into Charles’ vault and start burning all his childhood possessions. The entire bunker catches on fire and the girls are able to get Mona out of the well.

Caleb, Alison and Ezra see the smoke rising from the ground and find a door to the bunker, freeing all five girls. The police arrive in time to save girl number six. Remember her? Scarer of bejeebus?

Her name is Sarah Harvey and we met her friends a few seasons back. Sarah went missing around the same time as Alison. Has she been down there the whole time? That must be years. Season 6 is dark, y’all.

Okay, so all SIX girls are now safe. But where is Charles? And is he Andrew? Let’s all give a nice slow clap to the return of awesomely dramatic Tuesday nights.

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