Jun.9 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 602: Songs Of Innocence

We’re now two episodes into Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars and as everyone’s haircuts get shorter, the storylines get darker. Turn on all the lights and put your phone on silent – it’s time to talk PLL.

The girls are away from Charles/Andrew and in the hospital, but their emotional scars haven’t even begun to heal. Spencer warns them to not speak to anyone about Charles or Andrew and wait for the police to put together the clues for once.

Sarah Harvey is also in the hospital, but when Emily tries to ask whether she ever saw Charles during her two years underground, she shuts down. No big surprise there. The girl has been alone underground for years. Why isn’t she surrounded by family and psychologists and maybe a security person or two?

All the girls are having a difficult time adjusting to being home. Emily has taken to wearing his dad’s army jacket and visiting the gun range. Could the upcoming time hop include Emily joining the army? Hmmmm.

Spencer can’t sleep and even though all the girls were prescribed anxiety meds to help them get through the night, Mrs. Hastings refuses to let Spencer the pills and risk a relapse. Spencer manages to steal a few pills from Aria’s stash, but so far has stopped herself from taking the drugs.

Hanna is surprisingly the only Liar who rips apart her bedroom. Maybe Spencer would feel better with some new wallpaper? Just a thought.

Still reluctant to talk about her time underground, Hanna does tell her mother that they were forced to ‘play games’.

All four girls have flashbacks to these ‘games’, which begin to explain some of the screams we heard during last week’s premiere. It looks like Charles took turns forcing them to choose who would get food and water each day and even harsher punishments.

Aria is the only Liar who agrees to speak to the police. She has convinced herself that Andrew is Charles and goes as far as lying to a lawyer and saying that she saw Andrew’s face.

Speaking of Andrew, after searching the woods, he’s caught by Toby and arrested. Journals detailing his hatred for Mona and feelings towards Alison and the Liars and their ‘feminization of society’ were found in his house. The stolen police van the girls were in when they were kidnapped was found at his uncle’s farm and all the electronic equipment in the missile silo where the girls were being held can be traced back to Andrew. We still don’t know why the police even looked at him in the first place and with the lawyer’s concerns that there’s no money trail to support a teenager operating underground for years and no one able to confirm they saw his face (Aria’s lie was pretty weak), I have a feeling he’s not our guy. Or he’s only one of many guys (and girls).

Alison has used her time back in Rosewood to find Jesus and runs into Toby’s new police partner Lorenzo at Church. She’s embarrassed to be seen in her Sunday best and takes off, but then finds him later at The Brew, because it’s literally one of only two restaurants in town. Alison apologizes for running off and explains that she worries people will think…actually, I don’t really know what she’s worried about. Five girls were kidnapped and returned. She’s kinda old news. Sidebar, future hook up with these two? Alison does like older men. Speaking of Alison, she and Toby have a ‘moment’ on the street. I can’t quiet put my finger on it, but…they may both be ‘A’.

Back to Sarah Harvey. She was caught by ‘A’ after running away from home and has run away once again, this time all the way to Emily’s house. Sarah tells Emily and Mrs. Fields that her mother liked having her gone and getting attention and sympathy and is upset that Sarah is back. When Mrs. Fields leaves them alone to get some pillows and blankets for their new guest, Sarah asks Emily if the girls are sure Andrew is their captor. She saw him on TV and doesn’t think he’s their guy. No kidding, Sarah.
Oh yeah, and Mona? We assume she’s fine. Zero facetime this episode.

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