Jun.16 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 603: Songs Of Experience

The summer of answers on Pretty Little Liars continues and this week we’re a little bit closer to the truth.

Sarah spent the night with the Fields and doesn’t seem to be ready to go home any time soon. Her constant “deer in headlights” look hasn’t faded and Emily decides to skip school and stay home with her new, terrified friend. Sarah launches into her sob story about her mother not wanting her, but something seems off and it’s not just her wig.

Aria is also skipping school, but instead of hiding at home she’s hiding at the Brew with Ezra. They decide to put their Spencer pants on and do some detective work, which means Ezra literally posing as a detective and calling the hospital to see if he can find out anything about Andrew. Ezra learns that Andrew’s birth date and place of birth are sealed with the rest of his adoption papers. Adoption papers? Now it’s getting interesting.

Even though she hasn’t been fake-kidnapped for months, it appears that Alison and her never-ending supply of blazers are also not making an appearance in history class. Alison runs into Lorenzo, kicks one soccer ball with her platform heels and he’s recruiting her to coach the girls soccer team. She declines, but Toby watches the whole interaction and asks Spencer to keep Alison away from his new partner.

Spencer, who has gotten much more understanding and forgiving since her time underground, thinks Toby should give Alison a second chance and encourages Ali to find happiness…with a much older cop. You know, it’s hard to find high school boys to date if you never go to high school.

Spencer takes a break from building Alison up to tear down her dad. Spencer thinks Mr. DiLaurentis is lying about not knowing who Charles DiLaurentis is, so Spencer moves onto Jason. Jason doesn’t remember a Charles, but he remembers his imaginary friend Charlie. Okkkkkkay. Jason loved playing with Charlie until Mr. DiLaurentis told Jason that Charlie had to leave and not come back. I think we’re supposed to assume Jason actually had a very ordinary imagination and a very real friend/twin/brother/who knows at this point.

Scholastically-inclined Hanna is at school and being stood up by all her friends. She runs into Dr. Sullivan, who has been MIA since Season 3 when ‘A’ threatened her son.

Dr. Sullivan is eager (too eager?) to get all four girls together for counseling. All four girls. All together. Same time. Too eager. Just putting it out there! Hanna manages to rope Aria and Emily into a group session, but when Spencer arrives the girls get a video message showing ‘A’ about to stab Sarah in Emily’s bed. They take off and run to Emily’s to check on Sarah, who is fine and still in desperate need of natural light. Thankfully, Mrs. Fields has given her a haircut and we have a new, much better wig to look at now.

With Aria’s adoption news about Andrew and Spencer’s imaginary friend news (we’re calling it ‘news’) from Jason, the girls head to the DiLaurentis house. Alison finally agrees her father is lying and they search the house, with Aria uncovering a picture of Mrs. DiLaurentis with two little boys.

It matches the home video the girls saw at the dollhouse and later that night, Alison shows Jason. The two of them confront their father and he reveals information that we’re going to have to wait a week to hear. UGH.

After leaving Alison’s house, the girls learn that Andrew is being released from jail. It’s not a huge surprise after the video of Sarah with ‘A’ was sent while Andrew was still being held. He has an alibi for the weekend Mona went missing and was having his appendix removed when Sarah Harvey was taken two years ago. The girls see him leaving the police station and Aria tries to apologize, but Andrew is hella mad. He spent the weeks the girls were missing trying to find Aria and doesn’t want anything to do with her or her friends. So…good news for Ezria?

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