Jun.23 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 604: Don’t Look Now

Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars may be called Don’t Look Now, but we think something along the lines of Don’t Look Now Because Jessica DiLaurentis Is Still Messing With Us may have been more appropriate. It is a little wordy, we know.

Last week’s episode ended with Jason and Alison confronting their father about Charles and now we’re getting some answers. Charles was born 15 months before Jason and was always ‘troubled’. When Alison was eleven months old, he tried to drown his little sister. By the time Alison was a year old, the DiLaurentis’ had institutionalized Charles at Radley and moved to Rosewood to be close to him…HANG ON.

Spencer’s father had an affair with Mrs. DiLaurentis that resulted in Jason, who was born in-between Charles and Alison. How did an affair happen if the DiLaurentis family weren’t living in Rosewood until after Alison was one?

Moving on, Mr. DiLaurentis says that Radley didn’t help Charles and he killed himself when he was 16. Mrs. DiLaurentis had him cremated and scattered his ashes at the lake by herself. By herself. Suspicious as always, Mrs. D. We know that Radley isn’t the most reputable institution (this was the place that made Toby’s mother’s murder look like a suicide), so excuse us if we don’t believe that Charles is really dead.

Everyone around the girls is understandably terrified for their safety now that Andrew has been cleared of all charges. Mr. Montgomery invites himself along to Aria’s trip to the dark room at Hollis College, but she still manages to get locked inside the dark room and finds a note saying ‘You’re still my doll, bitch.’ Aria has flashbacks to ‘A’ calling her a doll and cutting off her hair while she slept. A student named Clark lets Aria out and manages to calm her down and hit on her at the same time. Impressive.

Mrs. Fields is worried not only about Emily, but also about Sarah. She found the young girl on the roof one night and tells Emily it’s time for Sarah to leave.

Sarah overhears them and heads home, but shows up again the next day telling Emily that her mother still doesn’t want her. Can someone please meet this mother already? Something is definitely off. Emily takes Sarah swimming to help her feel normal again and gives us flashbacks to Paige trying to drown Emily. Sarah is nervous to be walking around with just Emily, but Emily says they’re safe ‘because there’s two of them.’ Really Emily? Have the last six seasons not taught you that there’s no safety in numbers in Rosewood?

Spencer is still not sleeping and goes as far as digging through the Montgomery’s trash when Aria mentions she threw out her anxiety medication.

Her sleep deprivation is giving her flashbacks to the sleep deprivation she endured in the dollhouse. After not sleeping for weeks thanks to a never ending buzzer, Spencer is finally left alone to sleep, only to wake up and find herself covered in blood and remembering nothing. Determined to turn her mind off at least for a little bit, Spencer makes friends with Ezra’s new baker Sabrina and scores some pot cookies to help her sleep.

Caleb is doing his best to watch Hanna at all times, but she’s not appreciating the extra protection. Caleb puts a tracker on her car and later follows her, but when Mrs. Marin tells Caleb he can move in, Hanna finally has enough and tells him that she wants space. Why would anyone want space from that face?

After connecting Charles to Radley, the girls sneak into the data center where all the Radley files were sent after the sanitarium closed. Just to be clear, they have police surveillance on their homes, but once they step outside they’re on their own and no one sees them breaking and entering? Huh.

The girls find Charles’ file, which only contains documents from the ages 13 to 16. The only information is that he was depressed and received visits from Mrs. DiLaurentis and his Aunt Carol, who died when the girls were in grade 10.

Alison tells Jason about the file and he remembers going to his Aunt Carol’s house after she died and finding his mother there. Mrs. DiLaurentis rushed him off the property with no explanation. It’s time for a field trip.

Alison, Jason, Spencer and Hanna scope out the inside of the house and wait until it’s dark to look outside. They really haven’t learned anything. They find a tombstone with Charles’ name on it and it looks like it’s been there a long time, but that doesn’t necessary mean there’s a body underneath. Still, they assume that Charles is dead and create a new theory – someone Charles knew in Radley assumed his identity. Or Charles is totally alive and wants revenge for being put into Radley. That still makes way more sense to us.

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