Jul.14 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 606: No Stone Unturned

With last week’s shocking new discovery that Leslie Stone was Radley the same time as Charles and Bethany Young (are we still shocked by people being former Radley patients anymore?), she’s now become the number one ‘A’ suspect. Emily isn’t convinced and points out that the group often jump to conclusions ie. Everyone hate on Andrew. Good call, Emily. Hanna and Spencer are hoping to get some answers from Mona, but after her mom found out she snuck out of the house to break into Radley, Mona is under house arrest. What’s that? A parent who went through the torture of having their daughter go missing and presumed dead is concerned with keeping an eye on her? Time to move out of Rosewood, Vanderwaal family. You guys don’t fit in around here. Speaking of not fitting it, Hanna is doing everything she can to get Caleb and that face out of her house because he’s being too nice to her. Yes. Don’t we all hate it when beautiful men are nice to us. Ashley gives Caleb some advice and tells him not be so gentle with Hanna.

I’m not sure how she hoped that advice would be taken, but Caleb ends up yelling at Hanna and forcefully kissing her, which judging by her response is what he should have done all along. Yay Haleb?


Emily is playing the Caleb game and being as nice as possible to Sarah, who we still know nothing about. For instance, is she gay? Emily sure hopes so judging by the lingering hand as she helped Sarah cover her new tattoo in lotion.

For the second time in two seasons, one of Emily’s Haiti buddies pops up unannounced. This time it’s a girl named Nicole who got the rundown on Emily’s last few months from Ezra while waiting for Emily at The Brew. Nicole invites Emily to go to Thailand for eight weeks to build schools and Emily agrees as long as she can bring Sarah.

Annnnd back to Sarah. She’s becoming increasingly paranoid now that she knows the girls are looking for ‘A’. Being locked in a dollhouse for two years hasn’t made her paranoid, but finding out that the other girls locked in there with her are playing detective is driving her nuts. Okay. She’s got a new job working for Caleb, because what better place is there to work than a tech company for someone who has been locked underground with no technology for two years?

While riding home she thinks she’s being followed and is hit by a car, which Emily assume Leslie was driving. Sarah tells Emily she can’t go to Thailand because her mother won’t let her (are we ever gonna meet this mother?) and Emily decides that no Sarah, no Thailand. Then they kiss. This can’t end well for Emily. Sarah is a girl who’s been through serious psychological trauma and the only ‘counselling’ she’s getting is from another teenager. There’s a reason people go to medical school for eight years.

Spencer’s old sobriety coach Dean is still hanging around and finding excuses to visit Spencer, such as bringing her non-pot brownies. They agree to meet up later at a meeting, but when Spencer blows him off to go on a mission to get information on Leslie, he’s pissed. Like, hella pissed.

As Dean explains, when people don’t show up in his life there is a chance it’s because they’re overdosing somewhere. Fair enough. He then tells Spencer he can’t see her anymore because he wants to kiss her and knows that would be a bad idea. Totally unrealted question, but where Toby at?

We know where Aria is at and it’s lying to her nice new buddy Clark. He assumes she stole his photos because she didn’t want her picture taken and she doesn’t correct him. Then she blows him off and awkwardly runs into him later at the flea market. Aria lies and says she’s looking for her tripod and instead finds a doll that looks like her with a knife in its eye. When are people going to start staying away from dolls on this show?

Aria gets a visit later from Ezra, who found her application to the photo internship in California. He took it upon himself to write her a recommendation that we assume doesn’t include her strengths as a girlfriend.

Hanna and Spencer try to gather information on Leslie by stealing her car from a valet and searching its contents. Leslie has about ten pairs of non-prescription glasses, four animal cages and wire cutters. They also find her school ID and with Aria, the three girls break into Leslie’s lab.

Leslie is conducting tests on lab animals and Hanna decides to free a raccoon without thinking about the fact that it may want to attack her. Aria gets a rat on her shoulder, which is more terrifying to me than a month in the dollhouse, but eventually they’re saved by Mona.

She followed the girls and finally gives us some useful information. One, Leslie hated Bethany and only knew about Charles because he and Bethany escaped together the night Alison went missing. Two, Charles’ medical records are likely bogus. He was on too many drugs to be a viable candidate for donor donation, meaning there’s a good chance he’s still alive. Three, if a raccoon is attacking you inside a building, turn off the lights to calm it down.

Before leaving the lab, Spencer notices that Hanna’s head is making a machine beep. Then her head it doing the beeping, then Aria’s. All three girls and likely Emily as well had chips implanted in them in the dollhouse. Okay, now everyone to the hospital to get these removed! Right! Wait, no?

Tonight’s episode was Alison-free, but that doesn’t mean it’s DiLaurentis-free. Mr. DiLaurentis finds a birthday card on his windshield from Charles informing him that he’ll be home next week to kill his father. I’m sure an email would have sufficed.

Mr. DiLaurentis finally does was Jason and Alison should have done three episodes ago and digs up Charles’ grave to see what is actually down there.

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