Jul.21 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 607: O Brother, Where Art Thou

The girls have decided to keep their microchips in their necks in an attempt to gain an edge of Charles, since he doesn’t know they know. I know that having a chip in your neck is GROSS and letting someone that kidnapped you be able to track you is a bad idea. But that’s me.

Ashley surprises Hanna with news that all of her applying for scholarships while Hanna was in the Dollhouse paid off, because a company called The Carissimi Group are giving her $30,000. Score! Then Spencer has to be all Spencer about it and point out that Radley is one of their clients, hence the money is probably tainted with ‘A’. Hanna tries to turn the scholarship down, but Ashley has already deposited the money. This is why we can’t have nice things, Spencer!

Speaking of Spencer, she reunites with Toby for about five seconds before running off to meet Aria and Hanna at Mona’s house so they can talk to Leslie Stone. Too bad Leslie has left town, which is by far the smartest thing anyone has done on this show.

Mona gets another visitor when Mike shows up. She’s been avoiding him over guilt from asking him lie about her death. Yeah, no kidding. He’s all, let’s forgive and forget, and they make out a bit. Mona, you were in the bottom of a hole. You’ve done your time. Enjoy the cute boy.

Aria is feeling scared and doesn’t know why, so she confides in Mike. I’m not a therapist, but I think being stalked for years and kidnapped may be the reason. She gets a bit of good news when the mail arrives and Aria learns she’s a finalist for her photography contest in LA. The Time Hop is coming, people!

Emily gets a blast from the past when Sarah’s friend Clare shows up at The Brew. Clare wants to see Sarah, but Emily is hesitant since the last time they spoke, Clare mentioned that she sometimes thought about killing Sarah. Not literally, though. We assume.

Sarah is excited to see her friend and the three hang out, but when Clare invites Sarah to move in with her family, Emily grabs Sarah and heads back to Rosewood.

Sarah decides that she will move in with Clare’s family so that she and Emily can date. Oh, and she knows Clare wanted to kill her and admits she was an ass back in the day. Emily is upset, while I am not. I do not trust anyone in acid wash, I don’t care how long she was underground.

Mr. DiLaurentis is this episode’s Rosewood Parent Of The Week, never a difficult award to win. He grabs Ali and gets her out of town and away from Charles’ birthday party. Jason, on the other hand, already has his party outfit picked out and RSVP’s ‘YES’ to the invite Charles leaves on his porch.

Alison manages to steal her dad’s phone and call Spencer, warning her that Charles is a-coming. The girls try to find Jason, but when he refuses to answer the door they put a tracking device on his car. Their plan is to follow Jason, but first they have to remove the chip from their necks. It’s okay, Spencer and Hanna watched some YouTube videos on surgery. They’re the smart ones, right?

After four somewhat successful surgeries, Toby shows up and demands Spencer give him the 411. She finally comes clean about Charles and he agrees to not tell Tanner as long as the girls stay put.

Earlier that day at The Brew, Spencer’s barista dealer dropped some weed gummies in her bag and Toby grabs them on his way out. ROH to the ROW.Toby enlists Lorenzo’s help and they track Jason to an empty arcade. As do Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily. Oh, and all the police that Alison calls after Mona picks her up from the hotel.

So, Charles is RIGHT THERE until everyone shows up and he gets away for literally the hundredth time. Literally. Toby had a clear shot, but was too high to take it.

Alison races home and stops Jason before he falls off the wagon, but her intervention is interrupted by a home movie playing in their attic. It’s from a birthday party Alison and Jason attended for their ‘second cousin’ who they now realize is Charles. Mrs. DiLaurentis can be heard in the background calling the little boy Freddie. The final shot of the night is Charles opening a birthday present of a framed picture from the same birthday party. It says it’s from Allie, which means Alison knows more than she’s saying or that Charles writes cards to himself. Creepy is as creepy does.

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