Jul.28 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 608: FrAmed

After Alison of all people finally found some common sense and told the police about Charles, his name is now on every news station. People have begun speculating that Charles was behind his mother’s murder, which I’d say is a pretty good guess.

Alison is still holding on to hope that Charles can be a loving brother, which could be a result of her big heart. Just kidding, pretty sure she’s still the worst. Maybe if she had ended up in the dollhouse instead of being fake-kidnapped for two years she’d understand why the other girls aren’t ready to forget and forgive her brosef. Especially Hanna. She’s out for blood.

Alison looks to her newly injured boyfried Lorenzo for help. Ugh, this guy is just too old for her. He calls in a few favours, but all he can gather is that Mr. DiLaurentis is cooperating with the police.

Alison steals his Police ID and manages to break into the police station (honestly, where are they training these cops?) and looks around the evidence room. She’s quickly caught by Tanner, likely ending her relationship with Lorenzo and quite possibly his career.

Hanna is still convinced that ‘A’ is behind the $30,000 and tries to convince her mom of the same thing. Ashley refuses to go to the police about Hanna’s theory until they at least speak to Mr. DiLaurentis, but he’s unavailable as a result of being hounded by the media.

Hanna and Spencer scour the Carissimi website for information and finally decide that they will go to the office and give the money back in person. That’s nice of Spencer to help Hanna, but maybe she could have paused, thought about the fact that paying for college is no biggie for the Hastings, and tell Hanna to slow her roll and keep the money. Just a thought.

Hanna and Spencer manage to get a meeting with Rhys Matthews at the Carissimi Group and he looks like Jason’s twin. The girls try to get some information out of Rhys about his boss, but he quickly escorts them out of his office.

Aria’s creepy doll work has made it into a gallery with Clark’s less creepy photos (we assume - anything else has to be less creepy). Too bad for Aria, her parents are finally getting involved in her safety and won’t let her go to the gallery.

Ezra eavesdrops on Aria’s coffee talk with Clark and expresses his concern that Aria’s new friend was asking about her abduction. Ezra then delivers a line that is comically five seasons late, saying “Honestly, I’m suspicious of everyone these days.” Really? Now you’re suspicious?

Ezra offers to be Aria’s bodyguard, a request she ignores. Instead, she invites Tanner over in an attempt to convince Ella the gallery will be safe. Also, Tanner seems to be a lover of terrifying photography.

Of course the gallery won’t be safe because holy hell, ‘A’ and Red Coat are together. This. Is. Getting. Good.

Emily is helping Aria pick out her clothes for the gallery and finally comes clean about her new relationship with Sarah. Now would be a great time for Aria to remind Emily that Sarah needs some intense therapy before dating anyone. Aria? Aria? Instead, Aria is too distracted by the news that the Liars may not be allowed to go to prom because the school is worried about safety. Ugh! That skull ball gown isn’t going to wear itself!

It’s time for the gallery show and Hanna, Spencer and Emily decide to not tell Aria about Rhys and ruin her night. Instead, Ezra’s doing that by bringing a date. And when does he present her? Right after Aria asks him to prom. Ouch.

To put the Ezra thing in perspective, ‘A’ reminds Aria and the girls how much worse their night could be. He switches out Aria’s photos for pictures of the girls from the dollhouse. Okay, that beats Aria’s creepy doll collection.

Hanna, Spencer and Emily spot Rhys Matthews outside the gallery, which seems like an awfully big coincidence. They follow him to an abandoned doll museum and start a stake out. It doesn’t take long for another car to pull up with Aria’s buddy Clark getting out. Ladies, repeat after me. “No new friends!”

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