Aug.4 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 609: Last Dance

The Liars are officially banned from Prom, which shows that someone in Rosewood is actually reading the paper. Their moms have suggested throwing a Prom in the Hasting’s barn. YASSS! Let’s party where this nightmare all began! Uh, no. The girls are less than enthused, with Hanna even questioning Aria when Aria says “It could be worse.” Yes, Hanna, it could be worse, like still be locked in the Dollhouse. #Blessed

Aria has called Clark five times since the girls saw him with Rhys Matthews, but he’s MIA. Someone who is always around is Ezra, who offers to go with Aria to the Barn Prom. Okay, are Ezria a thing or not? I want to know who Charles is, but I also have a lot of questions for those two as well. Ella arrives at The Brew with some good news, announcing that the judges from the photo competition saw her work and gave Aria first place. Looks like Aria is definitely heading to LA for the time hop!

Caleb is off to New York with his dad to work a construction job, but Hanna is suspicious after she finds his industrial strength laptop next to his work books. Caleb explains that his dad is becoming a techy, but when Hanna calls Mr. Rivers later, he says that Caleb isn’t with him. No, no, no, I will not accept that Caleb is in anyway involved with ‘A’ or Charles or whoever. That face could never!

In an attempt to outdo Aria’s embarrassing Prom rejection with Ezra last week, Emily invites Sarah to Prom, only to find out that Sarah is already going to her high school’s Prom on the same night. Aria was right, things can get worse.

Toby and Lorenzo have both been suspended from the police force for rushing into the Arcade without backup and because Toby was high on gummy worms when Lorenzo was hurt. Spencer wants to do some damage control, but Toby talks her out of it.

Still on her helpful warpath, Spencer meets Lorenzo at The Brew and tries to get him to forgive Alison. Does Spencer even like Alison? Lorenzo says he doesn’t think he can see Ali again, but Spencer invites him to the Barn Prom on the chance he may change his mind.

Speaking of Alison, she’s been getting texts from Charles and is keeping it a secret from the other girls. Charles tells her to meet him at the real Prom, so she gives the mom’s a quick wave on the way to the barn later that night and then ducks into the forest. Oh, and she’s wearing a yellow dress BECAUSE OF COURSE.

The other four girls are all dressed up with Ezra and Toby, but instead of awkwardly dancing in the living room, they’re doing the most normal thing we’ve even seen these teens do. They’re all sitting around starring at their phones. The girls are checking out pictures of the Prom they’re missing when they spot Alison in the background of one of the pictures. See ya, Barn Prom!

This should have been the part where the four mothers noticed their daughters sneaking off, but they’re about three bottles deep into the Merlot. The truth is setting Veronica Hastings free and she finally tells the other women about her husband’s affair with Jessica DiLaurentis. The topic of conversation turns to Jessica finding her final resting place in the Hasting’s backyard and Pam Fields pipes in with a theory. Maybe Ken DiLaurentis killed his wife?

A tipsy Veronica wants some answers (so that’s where Spencer gets it from) and leads the march next door to the DiLaurentis house. The door is open, but Mr. DiLaurentis can’t be found. What they do find is a picture of Jessica with two little blonde boys and a baby, the one we assume is of Jason, Charles and Alison. Their snooping is interrupted by Rhys Matthews, who says he’s there on behalf of the Carissimi Group.

Ashley Marin finally sees why Hanna was so nervous since Rhys is a dead ringer for Jason. Rhys takes off and the women hear something in the basement.

Thinking it’s Ken, they go downstairs, with the door shutting and locking behind them. Ashley points out that they had one job to do tonight, keep their daughters safe, and they didn’t. SHOULDN’T THAT BE YOUR JOB EVERY NIGHT?

The girls find Alison at the Prom, but she doesn’t want their help. She’s worried they’ll scare Charles off and tells Spencer to stay away, pointing out that Spencer never even liked Alison. That’s what I said!

Caleb finally shows up and has a pretty good reason for lying to Hanna. He was in New York to accept a job offer as an Information Risk Analyst, which will pay him enough to cover Hanna’s tuition and rent for the two of them in New York. Man, I wish I was better at computers.

Sarah shows up as well, finding the barn empty and assuming Emily was at her real Prom. Emily finally gets her dance and Sarah tells her that no matter what happens, Emily means a lot to her. Welp, that was cryptic.

Clark is also at the Prom to work as a photographer because everyone is at this Prom. Aria tries to confront him, but is interrupted by a teacher who wants her gone.

Aria and Ezra take a spin around the room and Ezra confesses that he’s book a flight to Thailand for the summer to work with Habitat for Humanity. And then Ezria kiss. Okay, they don’t, but I’m hoping it will happen.

Alison gets another text from Charles to follow the red hood and she takes off, causing everyone to follow behind her, including Clark. Caleb and Ezra grab Clark and Toby sees that Clark has a gun and quickly grabs that. Why does Clark have a gun? Funny story, he’s an undercover cop. Huh. Okay, that sort of makes sense, but then why was he in a building with Rhys Matthews? Is Rhys a cop as well? Or did the Carissimi group reach out to the police and request an undercover cop to figure out what the hellz Jessica DiLaurentis was up to before she died? If that’s the case, they’re going to need more cops.

Clark loses Alison and everyone splits up in an attempt to find her. Even Lorenzo has shown up, deciding a girl in high school who has essentially got him fired is worth forgiving. He and Ezra should be friends. Sidenote – where did Sarah go?

Charles did not lose Alison and drags her to an empty hallway to reveal…his face? I assume. We’ll find out on next week’s summer finale and it’s gonna be a biggie!

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