Aug.11 / 2015

Pretty Little Liars Recap 610: Game Over, Charles

The time for answers has finally arrived! On tonight’s season finale of Pretty Little Liars we get the hood reveal we’ve been waiting six seasons to see. Rosewood is about to get rocked!

The girls are looking for Alison at the Prom and instead find Mona, who is way more helpful at finding a missing girl than anyone else in Rosewood.

Mona has been tracking Alison’s phone and trying to determine where Charles’ texts are coming from. She’s figured out that Charles has his own cell towers coming from the Carisimmi Group, so the girls and their gowns take off.

Spencer is trying to crack the security code on the restricted section of the Carissimi Group and Sara remembers that Charles gave her a red, white and blue cupcake every September 7. The number works, but Sara decides to wait outside for Tanner, who she called. That seems suspicious.

Emily, Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Mona finally find themselves inside ‘A’s real lair, which is about as high tech as it gets. A screen turns on and they see Alison in a cell at Radley, screaming while standing over Jason and Mr. DiLaurentis’ bodies. Alison isn’t alone. Charles turns around and reveals himself as…

Cece freaking Drake. WOW.

The good news is that Jason and Mr. DiLaurentis aren’t dead, just temporarily paralyzed. Mona recognizes their symptoms, because it was the same thing that happened to her when ‘A’, who we now know is Cece, put her in the trunk of her car. Now sit back and relax, because it’s time we heard the story of how Charles DiLaurentis became Cece ‘A’ Drake.

Charles DiLaurentis knew he was transgender from a young age and was accepted by his mother Jessica, but not his father. When Charles tried to comfort a crying Alison by giving her a bath and almost drowning her by mistake, Mr. DiLaurentis convinced his wife that Charles was dangerous and institutionalized him.

Mrs. DiLaurentis visited her son often at Radley and always gave him the same clothes she bought for Alison. Charles quickly became friends with Bethany Young, so now we know where that connection comes in.

The two were on the Radley roof one night and Charles, wearing a dress, was scared that Mrs. Cavanaugh would see him while she was out for a smoke and get him in trouble. While he hid, Bethany pushed Mrs. Cavanaugh off the roof, killing her and blaming Charles.

Mrs. DiLaurentis paid Detective Wilden to make the death look like a suicide and left Charles to be heavily medicated for years. Charles was finally taken off the heavy medication and was allowed to leave Radley for a funeral – his own. Mrs. DiLaurentis, Charles and his Aunt Carol symbolically buried Charles DiLaurentis, leaving Charlotte DiLaurentis behind. Charlotte spent all her time studying and was granted daily leave from Radley to attend classes at the University of Pennsylvania.

One day, Charlotte faked a bomb threat and with classes cancelled, went to Rosewood High and introduced herself to Jason as Cece Drake. The two began dating, but in response to Alison’s frantic question, they never had sex. Well then, it’s totally fine…nope.

Jason invited Cece to spend the summer with his family in Cape May and that’s when Mrs. DiLaurentis met Cece and saw she was Charlotte. Mr. DiLaurentis, thinking Charles had committed suicide, never made the connection. At the end of the summer, Bethany had begun stealing Cece’s clothes and sneaking out of Radley to try to hurt Mrs. DiLaurentis. Cece hit Bethany with a rock, or thought she did. Instead, she hit Alison as Mrs. DiLaurentis watched, later burying her youngest daughter. Mrs. DiLaurentis again paid Wilden to cover up the death and take Cece back to Radley. Eventually, he figured out that Alison was still alive and Cece killed him to keep Alison safe.

It’s then that Mona realizes her part in the game. She hit Bethany that night, thinking it was Alison. She had been sending Alison threatening messages all summer long and delivered one final blow. That’s when Melissa found Bethany and thinking she was Alison and that Spencer had hit her, buried the girl.

Mona ended up in Radley and was on so many drugs that she thought Cece was Alison. Cece learned all about the girls from Mona, including that they were happy Ali was gone. She set out to seek vengeance on the girls that wronged her sister, eventually enlisting some help. Cece hired Sara Harvey to be the Black Widow at Wilden’s funeral.

Noticing a woman in a red coat always watching the girls, Cece realized it was likely Alison and had Sara act as a decoy the night of the cabin fire. She knew if the girls were in trouble that Alison would come back and she did.

The five girls are listening to Cece’s story when an alarm goes off in the lair, detecting motion somewhere else. Mona zeros in with the camera and sees a third red coat. Her face isn’t visible, but what she’s doing is. Red coat is setting up a bomb to destroy Radley with Alison, Cece, Mr. DiLaurentis and Jason still inside. Mona manages to break the girls out, but she stays behind to hear the rest of Cece’s story. It includes Cece finding Mrs. DiLaurentis dead in the Hastings backyard. Well, that’s one murder not getting solved tonight. The other four girls rush to Radley to save Alison and find Sara as red coat, who finds Emily’s fist in her face. I knew that girl couldn’t be trusted!

Cece tries to set off the bomb with a remote, but Spencer has dismantled it, because that’s covered in Grade 12 physics? The girls follow Cece to the roof and she’s ready to jump, but instead turns around and announces, “Game over.”

We fast forward to Labor Day and the girls are saying their goodbyes. Alison has decided to stay in Rosewood, while the rest of the girls are all heading in different directions for life after high school.

The season finale ends with a brief look at the five year time hop, which includes Alison as a teacher, Spencer as a wearer of bangs, and someone else after the girls.

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