Feb.2 / 2016

Pretty Little Liars Recap 614: New Guys, New Lies

PLL Recap 614 M3

On tonight’s brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars, Hanna tries coming clean about the security tapes, Emily and Aria put their detective hats on, and things get awkward with Spoby. We’ve been waiting for that. Plus, the girls still have a seemingly endless supply of new outfits even though they were only supposed to be in Rosewood for three days. Find out what else happened on New Guys, New Lies after the jump!

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Hanna has decided that kinda-honesty is the best policy and tells her mom and Jordan about erasing the security footage. Jordan hires a lawyer his ‘papi’ knows (is that accent Australian or Spanish?) and she instructs Hanna to answer all of Lorenzo’s questions with no comment.


The questioning period doesn’t get that far, since the security facility where all the tapes are backed up, aka The Farm, lost the tapes of Radley aka Ashley got the backup. Stay tuned to find out who Ashley slept with this time to bail out her daughter. Also stay tuned to see if we ever find out why Hanna is staying at Lucas’ loft and not with her mother.


Spaleb are totally a thing and to make sure their new situations is as uncomfortable as possible for everyone around them, Caleb runs over to Toby’s trailer to break his Bro code. Toby pretends to be okay with it, but that’s just because he’s dating Yvonne Philips, the daughter of the woman running against Mrs. Hastings. So, Rosewood is small enough for Toby to be dating the daughter of the Hasting’s rival, but not small enough for Yvonne and Spencer to have ever met? Got it.


Of course, Yvonne is sickeningly sweet and not at all threatened by Spencer and her bangs. Maybe that’s because she knows what Spencer knows, which is that Toby plans to propose. Spencer knows this because it was included in the information packet about Yvonne and because Toby likes to walk around starring at the ring box, both totally normal things.


When not pretending to be over Toby, Spencer is with Caleb, who she should not screw things up with. Because dayum. Spencer tells Caleb that she and the girls have been getting texts again and he traces the signal to storage locker. Inside the locker is a garbage bin filled with black hoodies and a cell phone with the message “I don’t lurk in the shadows, I hide in plain sight.” So, everyone is a suspect. Great, something new for PLL.


Aria is still trying to convince everyone that Ezra isn’t a big ole killer, but that has gotten more difficult now that he’s disappeared. Sabrina, the manager of The Brew, tells Aria that he does this sometimes, but Aria isn’t satisfied. Now that the A 2.0 has sent the girls a picture of a nine iron and declared it Charlotte’s murder weapon, Aria wants to sneak into Ezra’s apartment and check his clubs. That’s not dirty talk. She literally wants to check his golf clubs. Emily is against lying and tricking Sabrina into having a coffee with her while Aria sneaks into the loft, because ‘that’s wrong’. Not telling her mom she dropped out of school and is donating her eggs is cool, but she’s met Sabrina once. You can’t lie to someone you meet once. Also, Aria mentions Liam’s name a few times for good measure. Nice try, Aria. You totally want to check out Ezra’s clubs.


Ezra’s clubs are accounted for, but when Emily tries to sneak Ezra’s key under the counter, Sabrina catches her and dramatically sends her away. Aria doesn’t have time to apologize because now she’s worried her dad killed Charlotte. The girls spotted Byron at The Radley, he left Ezra a weird voicemail on his answering machine (They still make those? What year is it in this time hop?), and his nine iron is missing from his golf clubs. In conclusion, we can now rule out Byron, because there’s no way we’d learn Charlotte’s killer that quickly.


As for Alison, she’s on a dairy tour with her seventeenth inappropriate boyfriend, Dr. Rollins. Or sending the girls these menacing texts. It’s totally Alison.

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