Feb.16 / 2016

Pretty Little Liars Recap 616: Where Somebody Waits For Me

Tonight’s episode picks up where we left off last week, which is at the bottom of the world’s longest ladder. Somehow Aria made it down that thing in her Ginger Spice platforms with her ankles still intact. Good for you, Aria. Along with Spencer, the two find an area of Radley that has been walled off as well as a suspiciously clean file cabinet. After moving the cabinet aside they find themselves outside of Radley and with an answer to how Sara Harvey is able to move around without being seen on the surveillance cameras. But the question still remains, why not say somewhere that doesn’t have cameras? Unless she’s using the Radley as her alibi.


Speaking of Sara Harvey and people we don’t trust, Alison comes clean to Spencer about dating Charlotte’s therapist, Elliott Rollins. Was this not confirmed? Just painfully obvious? Alison wants them to go public, but Elliott isn’t ready to lose his job.

Spencer is excited to give her latest Nancy Drew update to Caleb about Radley, but he’s got some bad news after hacking into Yvonne’s phone. Caleb accessed the research on the Hastings and found Mrs. Hasting’s medical file. She was sick, which Spencer knew, but what Spencer didn’t know was that her most recent scan was only eight months ago.

Spencer finds Mona in a really cute boutique (get the earrings, Mona!) and for once doesn’t talk in circles. Mona admits that she told Yvonne to leave behind her phone with her real intention to be Spencer seeing what Yvonne’s family was going to do with the medical files. Caleb also pays Mona a visit and delivers a threat for her to stay away from Hanna. Sorry, old habit. Stay away from Spencer.

Caleb and Spencer are ready to turn in for the night when Spencer sees that Melissa’s suitcase is broken. It’s missing a hollow metal piece shaped like a rectangle, the same shape that Detective Tanner told Alison was imprinted on Charlotte. I missed Melissa being Suspect #1. She’s good at it.

Caleb meets Hanna for a secret drink date, which is a slippery slope. They chat about not much in particular, with Hanna giving us our first flashback into the five years we hopped over. The beginning of the end started when Hanna became consumed by her job and Caleb became consumed by not wanting to be left alone in New York City.

So why is Hanna sneaking off to drinks with her ex-boyfriend? Because her fiancé may be too perfect. Hanna and Jordan spend a few nights in a tacky motel before Hannah gets some threatening room service from ‘A’. They head back to Rosewood and Jordan tries to offer Hanna his support, but she just pushes him away. Maybe the accent gets annoying after a while.

Emily is still worried that her dream about Sara Harvey attacking her in the hospital was not a dream at all heads to the clinic to get checked out. When she arrives her nurse, who remembers all of Emily’s medical details perfectly, informs her that there was a freak accident and somehow none of the backup systems worked when the freezer holding eggs belonging to Emily and 30 other patients was turned off. Since there are never any bad coincidences in Rosewood, we can assume this was done by ‘A’.

Emily tries to decompress with a tea at The Brew and gets a visit from Detective Tanner, who seems very tired for someone who has dealt with zero homicides in fives years. She informs Emily that she’s going to take steps to make sure the girls have to stay in Rosewood…at least until Season 7, right? She goes on search later for her eggs in the Radley basement and runs into Hanna and Aria, who are looking for the same thing.

Aria’s Clark Kent look-a-like boyfriend Liam finally makes his way to Rosewood and it appears his glasses aren’t just for hipster cred. He’s a smarty. After a few pages of reading “Ezra’s” second book, it became clear to Liam that he was actually reading Aria’s writing. Cute and a good listener and isn’t pinning over his dead ex-girlfriend. Stick with him, Aria.

Ezra finally reappears and says that he spent the last week in Albany crashing with a friend and writing his new chapters. He should have used that time to come up with a better story. According to Ezra, after he left Aria the night Charlotte died he ran into Byron and Ella. They hadn’t told Aria they were back together and asked Ezra to keep it a secret. So he went to a truck stop and ate pie. Wait, what? Why didn’t he just go home? And why were Ella and Byron wandering around at 3 am? Maybe they’re working with Melissa.

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