Mar.8 / 2016

Pretty Little Liars Recap 619: Did You Miss Me?

M3 619

The new ‘A’ wants a killer and fast, so what are the Liars to do? Come up with a scheme that could get one of them arrested. What could go wrong?

Tonight’s episode picks up at the end of last week’s episode, which as you may remember featured Emily yelling at Mona to ‘get in the car’. Even though Mona is pocket sized, she’s still the toughest person in Rosewood and stands her ground. Yeah, she did call Charlotte that night and yeah, she was at the Two Crows, and yeah, what’s Emily gonna do about it? Obviously run off and tell her friends.


Emily later sees Mona having a chat with Sara Harvey’s driver on the only bench in Rosewood and Facetimes Spencer. Emily is furious that Mona may have killed Charlotte because…nope, Emily being upset that Charlotte is dead doesn’t make sense. The girls following the driver, who comes out of the police station with a tube. Spencer and Emily distract the driver by rear-ending him and then Emily follows him while he gets ice cream. From a truck. While surrounded by children. While alone. While wearing a suit. That’s his ‘don’t notice me’ cover? I literally can’t think of a way to get the cops called faster. He throws the tube, which has the blueprints and a hotel key for Radley, into a car that Sara Harvey is driving.


Aria is still pretending that writing a love story with her ex-boyfriend doesn’t mean anything and finally learns what really happened to Ezra’s girlfriend, Nicole. They had a fight, he drove off, and she was kidnapped. Yikes. The drinking makes sense now.


Aria and Ezra have a dinner meeting with their editor Jillian, who informs Aria that Liam has been taken off their book. That sounds like information that should have come from Liam, but it doesn’t appear that the two have spoken in a while.


Lucas has finally resurfaced, which begs the question, where is he going to sleep now that Hanna is in his bedroom? Also, can we please revisit why Hanna is staying at Lucas’ apartment? They should have at least written in the script that Ashley is turning Hanna’s old room into giant oven for evidence burning purposes. It really doesn’t make any sense why she wouldn’t stay with her mom.


Anywho, Lucas is back and he brought his cheque book. He’s bought an old factory in Rosewood and wants Hanna to use it as her fashion house. I’m sure Jordan will be super psyched about some guy giving his fiance a loft and a factory. They’re obviously just friends.


Alison is on her honeymoon with her husband, who still seems way too old for her, and in true old-guy fashion, they go to a bed and breakfast. While heading down for scones, Alison’s heel breaks and she falls down the stairs, giving herself a concussion and a trip to the hospital.


The hospital is only an hour away and Hanna visits Alison (world’s shortest honeymoon journey) and finds a card from ‘A’ that has a score sheet of the Liars that have been hospitalized so far this season. Hanna quickly bounces, but not before making sure to keep Elliott and Alison in the dark about someone coming after Alison, so as not to scare them. Yeah, wouldn’t want to warn them that they’re in danger? Shitty friend move: 1.


Motivated to keep her friends safe, or let’s be real, keep herself off a gurney, Hanna comes up with a plan that involves Caleb. And holding Caleb’s hand. GURL WUT? Back. Up. Shitty friend move: 2. We are shipping Spaleb hard and not here for this shadiness. Don’t invite Caleb for drinks, don’t hold his hand, just don’t, Hanna.


Spencer proceeds to drink excessively as one does when their new boyfriend’s hand is grabbed by his ex-girlfriends, who is also your best friend. Hanna and Caleb explain the plan to the rest of the group and so far all we know is that it involves Caleb, which likely means hacking, and that Hanna is going to lie and say she stabbed Charlotte with a candlestick. Can you even stab someone with a candlestick? This plan sounds like the worst, which is fitting coming from Hanna, who has been the worst this episode. Let’s not forget that Sara Harvey was in the episode, so that’s saying a lot. Here’s the group listening to Hanna’s plan but actually totally judging her.


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