Jan.21 / 2016

Proof That Everyone Loves Pretty Little Liars: Watch Two NFL Players Reenact A PLL Scene

As die-hard fans of Pretty Little Liars, we know that we can be a bit biased when discussing one of our favourite series. It’s our never-ending mission to convert non-watchers over to the PLL dark side and open their eyes to the town of Rosewood, where teenagers look like adults and people are murdered on the regular. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

We’ve known for some time that there are many closeted PLL fans and with the new five year time-hop bringing the main characters into adulthood, we expected many of these secret fans to finally step into the light of day and declare their love for an ‘adult’ show. This includes NFL players.

Now that the football season is almost over and a new season of Pretty Little Liars has begun, what better time to throw on a wig and reenact the greatest PLL moments? That’s exactly what New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and New York Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara while appearing on The Tonight Show this week. Welcome to the PLL family, gentlemen.

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