Oct.10 / 2013

Ravenswood Recap 1: Pilot

Welcome to Ravenswood, the creepiest city in Pennsylvania! Meet Caleb and Miranda. Both were heading to Ravenswood on a bus looking for answers. What they found were more questions.

Caleb was in search of his girlfriend Hanna, who made it safely back to his town Rosewood. A foster kid who parents died when she was little, Miranda is looking for an uncle she just found out she had. While searching for Caleb’s girlfriend Hanna at a party in a cemetery, Caleb and Miranda found gravestones with their names and faces on them. With lots of questions and no answers, the two decide to stick together and stay in town in hopes that they can uncover some answers.

It’s the day after the costume party and Ravenswood is just as creepy when the sun is out. Caleb and Miranda go to Miranda’s uncle’s house and find him pulling his hearse into the driveway of his home, which doubles as the town’s funeral parlor.

Raymond Collins is not happy to see his niece and asks her and Caleb to leave, but Mrs. Grunwald, who takes care of Raymond’s house, invites the teenagers inside.

Once inside, Caleb tries to question Raymond about seeing their tombstones the night before, but Raymond tells Caleb he’s wrong. Caleb and Miranda check the tombstones again to take pictures, but the tombstones have different names and pictures on them.

On the other side of the cemetery, twins Luke and Olivia Matheson are watching their mother try to scrub spray paint off their father’s grave. Their father was killed two months ago and the whole town thinks their mother did it, leading some Ravesnwood residents to repeatedly spray ‘black widow’ onto the tombstone. Olivia has been voted homecoming queen and is set to appear at the town parade that night, but her brother thinks it’s a bad idea. Luke things most things are bad ideas lately and has gone from Mr. Popular to social outcast since his father’s death.

Caleb decides to try to find out more information about the deceased Caleb Rivers and starts at the Ravenswood newspaper room. He meets Remy Simmons, a Ravenswood teen, but when he begins asking about a deceased Caleb Rivers, Remy’s father Henry Simmons steps in and interrupts, directing Caleb to look into county records and come back with an exact date of death for the first Caleb Rivers.

Caleb stops for coffee first and runs into Remy. The two begin talking and Caleb tells her about the tombstones. Remy admits that the town is haunted and tells Caleb about a flood that happened over 100 years ago that decimated the town.

Their conversation is interrupted by Luke, who has walked into the coffee shop and gotten into a fight with another teen who makes a comment about Luke’s mother killing his father. Caleb helps break up the fight and Remy runs after Luke, who we learn is her boyfriend.

She’s been forced to stay away from him by her father, who sees the two together and quickly ends their reunion.

At home that night, Remy and her father are excited to have dinner with Remy’s mother, Terry. She’s just returned from a tour in Afghanistan, but dinner is marred by Terry’s bad mood. She was the only person to survive an attack that killed her entire unit. Terry says she doesn’t know why she’s there when everyone else died and her comment sparks something Remy remembered reading that day in the archives.

Back at the Collins funeral home, Miranda tries to get answers from her uncle about why he left her in foster care, but all he tells her is that she was too young to understand when her parents died. Later that night at dinner, Raymond gives Miranda an album full of pictures of her mother, who was Raymond’s sister.

Caleb gives Miranda some privacy to look at the pictures and takes a bath, but he relaxes in the tub, Caleb is attacked by a masked figure and almost drowns.

Time to get out of Ravenswood! Caleb and Miranda are heading to the bus station when they see Remy go into the newspaper office. They follow her in and ask for her help. Remy agrees and they find Miranda and Caleb’s obituaries. Remy looks into her theory that was sparked by her mother’s comment and sees that 100 years ago a solider came home from war after being the only person in his unit to survive an attack. A few days later, five teenagers died. This happened twice in Ravenswood and in the second instance, the original Caleb and Miranda were part of the group of teenagers that died.

Olivia did ride in the Ravenswood parade, but her happy night is cut short when someone throws red paint on her.

Luke and Olivia begin walking home and Luke finally admits that the reason he’s been so mad since their father died is because he also believes his mother killed their father. Caleb, Remy and Miranda decide to get out of town and talk things over in a diner just off the highway, running into Luke and Olivia on their way.

The five teens are driving when Miranda thinks she sees a black figure in the middle of the road and pulls the wheel, causing the car to crash into a river.