Jan.28 / 2014

Ravenswood Recap 109: Along Came A Spider

Mrs. Matheson has been arrested for Mr. Matheson’s murder and Olivia and Luke don’t know what to do. Dillon is still missing and Liv really needs her boyfriend. Mr. Collins is the only person checking on their mother, but he’s also the last person either of the twins want to see.

It’s Caleb’s first day of school in Ravenswood and he already looks like the crazy new kid because of his conversations with Miranda, which looks like he’s talking to himself.

Mr. Price checks in on Caleb to see how he’s adjusting and asks him about living with Mr. Collins. The teacher mentions that he tried to photograph a chapel that Collins owns last year for the historical society, but Mr. Collins chased him out. Time to snoop!

Miranda keeps an eye on Collins while Caleb sneaks into the mortician’s secret office. He finds the key to the chapel, but on his way out he is locked in the embalming room. The spirits break all the alcohol jars, almost suffocating Caleb before he breaks out.

Miranda’s job is a bit easier. All she has to do is watch Collins be super nice to Mrs. Matheson. She sees a different side to her uncle and advises Olivia to accept her uncle’s help. Olivia reluctantly agrees and asks Collins to pay for her mother’s bail, which he does.

Dillon finally shows up, but Olivia is furious with her boyfriend for splitting after they slept together for the first time. Dillon tells her that his mother found their condoms and his parents sent them away on a religious retreat. Weak story, but she forgives him.

Caleb and Miranda break into the chapel and don’t see anything out the ordinary until a beam of sun through the stained glass window reveals the name of six families. They think it’s a list of the people who signed the pact, but if six people signed, why are only five teens marked? Plus, Rivers is the only name they recognize, except for Saunders, which is Dillon’s last name.

Caleb goes back later that night, because apparently the chapel wasn’t scary enough in daylight, and a woman that was in the cemetery earlier is there watching Caleb. And there are spiders coming out of her face. And the ground. And I’m gonna puke.

Luke confronts Dillon in the locker room, demanding to know where he’s been for the past three days. Dillon tells Luke that he can’t hurt him because Dillon’s not alone. He made a deal to substitute his place in the pact with Olivia and suggests that Luke also make a deal before it’s too late. Wow. I really didn’t think he’d give up that much information so easily.

Remy visits Springer in the hospital, hoping that she can get some information about the knife that will help get Luke’s mom cleared of all the charges. Instead of information, Remy gets an idea. Maybe if she writes an article in her father’s paper about Springer’s father not getting a fair trial, she can help get his father early parole and Springer will be willing to help her.

She publishes the article, but Remy’s father is furious. His daughter put words into his mouth and put the credibility of his paper in jeopardy.

Mr. Beaumont fires Remy from the paper, but she won’t apologize. She goes for a walk to blow off steam and spies Collins and Dillon arguing in a car. They see Remy watching and quickly speed off. Welp, that wasn’t too surprising.