Feb.5 / 2014

Ravenswood Recap 110: My Haunted Heart

Ravenswood Finale

The foursome are having coffee and trying to figure out what their next move is when Hanna shows up. She wants answers and Caleb only gives her one – Miranda is dead. It may have been easier to just say that he was having an affair with Miranda.


Hanna still doesn’t understand why Caleb refuses to come home and Caleb tries to explain that Miranda needs help crossing over to the other side, but all Hanna hears is that her once sane boyfriend should be on his way to Radley.


She tries to collect her thoughts at the coffee house and runs into Mrs. Grunwald, who advises Hanna to give Caleb a second chance. I really can’t figure this woman out. She also has a chat with Miranda, although Hanna doesn’t know that Miranda can hear here, and mostly this tells us that both girls are in love with Caleb. Le sigh.


Caleb and Hanna try talking again in a park, but when Caleb turns his back to take a call from Luke, the creepy little girl Max finds Hanna and invites her to meet a friend. Caleb manages to grab Hanna before Max does anything to her, but Hanna is mad that Caleb refuses to tell her why he’s staying in a town for a dead girl and why he’s terrified of a little girl. In all fairness to Hanna, it’s not looking good. With very few answers, Hanna finally decides to go back to Rosewood.


Remy finds a picture in the archives of the guy with the bleeding eyes that led her to Dillon and Collins. His name was Ryan Atwater, he was blind and he died with four other kids right after the Korean War. The teens think that Ryan can only show them things when they’re in the place where the death occurred, like the science lab at the high school, so they head to Mr. Matheson’s old mayor’s office to see if he’ll show them how Liv and Luke’s father died.

Ravenswood Finale

Ryan does appear and Remy, Olivia and Luke watch helplessly as Dillon stabs Mr. Matheson to death and then wrap the knife in Mrs. Matheson’s jacket. Before Dillon showed up, the Mayor was looking at clippings about teens that died in the pact, confirming that he did in fact know about it.


As the vision ends, Remy sees Dillon pick up a book and put it back on the bookshelf. She finds a bloody thumbprint in the book, which will hopefully lead the police to Dillon. Also, poor Olivia. Talk about bad luck with guys.


They call the police and tell them to search the mayor’s office again, but Remy wants to give her dad a head start on the story and try to make up for running her story about Springer all at once. She goes home to talk to her dad, but Dillon is there waiting for her and knocks her unconscious, dragging her out the front door. Caleb gets a text that Remy is missing and confronts Collins, demanding to know where Remy has been stashed. He tells Collins that they know about Dillon and the mayor, information that appears to genuinely shock Collins.


The mortician swears that his family has never hurt anyone and instead are keeping track of the teens until the contract has been fulfilled. His sister, Miranda’s mother, and the mayor thought they could end the pact and wound up dead. He sent Miranda away as a child in order to keep her safe, saying it was the hardest thing he’s had to do.


Liv gets a text from Remy’s cell with a picture of the chapel and she storms the building, along with Caleb, Miranda and Luke. They find Remy there, unharmed, but before they can escape, Dillon locks them in. The woman with the spider face is back and turns into Abadon, the man who created the pact.


He grabs Miranda and tries to bring her back to life, but Collins shows up and stops him. The only way the pact can be fulfilled is if they all die together and that is only possible if Miranda is alive. Collins gets rid of Abadon by smashing the jar that contained the original Caleb Rivers’ hair, which seems to bring the OG Caleb back to life, or at least alive enough that he and the second Miranda are reunited. It’s all very confusing, but I do think that Collins and Mrs. Grunwald are on the same side as the teens. I think. Still a bit confused.

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During all of this, Dillon escapes from the chapel and follows Max, the little girl, who promises to get him to safety. Instead, she leads him to a train track where he trips and is killed by an oncoming train.