Oct.10 / 2013

Ravenswood Recap 2: Death and the Maiden

Last week’s series premiere of Ravenswood (watch online) ended with five teens plunging their car into a river. Miranda, who came to Ravenswood to find her uncle, was under the water the longest. At the hospital, the other teens don’t have to wait long to find out that Miranda did not make it out alive.

Caleb, who met Miranda only two days before on the bus to Ravenswood, is devastated that his new friend is dead.

Remy, who was driving the car and had the steering wheel yanked away from her by Miranda, is questioned about the accident. Remy’s parents arrive, terrified after hearing the news and are relieved to see their daughter alive. That is until Remy’s father sees Remy’s boyfriend Luke and his twin sister Olivia there.

The twins father was murdered one month ago and most people in town suspect their mother. Luke does as well, but at this point only his sister knows his true feelings. Remy’s father and Luke’s mother want the young couple as far away from each other as possible.

Miranda’s uncle, Raymond Collins, arrives at the hospital in his hearse to collect his niece. As the town undertaker he is also in charge of preparing her body for burial. Mrs. Grunwald, his house keeper, suggests to Raymond that he invite Caleb to stay with them until Miranda’s funeral and Raymond agrees.

Caleb falls asleep and dreams that he’s back in the car with Miranda. In the dream, Miranda shows Caleb the woman in black that she saw the night before on the road, which caused her to pull the wheel away from Remy. Miranda tells Caleb to find her bag and Caleb wakes to find Mrs. Grunwald standing over him.

Alone in the room again, Caleb begins looking around and finds a Walt Whitman book. He reads a highlighted passage, which seems to disturb the spirits in the house, who shatter the mirror in front of Caleb. When he lowers his arm from his face, Caleb sees that the shattered glass landed in a perfect circle around him.

After the car crash, Luke and Olivia’s mother makes it clear that she doesn’t want them talking to the police or to Remy. We learn that their father was the Mayor of Ravenswood and once they’re alone, Luke shows Olivia a letter he found from their father to their mother. Luke thinks the letter is implying that their mother was having an affair, but Olivia refuses to listen to him and tears up the letter.

Caleb finds Remy the next day at school and asks her to meet him after her shift at her father’s newspaper that night so they can go to the junkyard and get Miranda’s bag out of Remy’s car before the police go through it. Remy agrees, but Luke is not happy about the news, still refusing to trust Caleb. Remy tells Caleb that she’s been doing more research into her theory that whenever a soldier returns to Ravenswood from battle, five teens die. Remy’s mother returned from Afghanistan the week before after surviving an attack that killed her entire unit, but Remy can’t explain why only Miranda died the night before and not all the teens.

Caleb calls his girlfriend Hanna back in Rosewood to check in with her, but lies and tells her that Miranda is fine, failing to mention that the girl died the night before. Caleb spends the day waiting for Remy in the coffee shop, where the same police officer from the hospital the night before implies that Miranda was trying to kills herself and that Caleb should go back to Rosewood.

At school, Luke confronts Springer, a student who has been harassing Luke’s family since his father died. Later in the weight room, Luke is working out when the room goes dark and the weight Luke is lifting is shoved on his throat. When the lights come back on, Luke sees Springer walk by.

After being crowned Homecoming Queen, Olivia is required to take her official portrait and her friend Tess is much more excited about the whole spectacle. Olivia tries to get into the royal spirit, but when she sees a message on her best friend’s phone from Springer, she realizes the two are dating and that her brother Luke was right about not being able to trust Tess.

After realizing that Tess wasn’t who Olivia thought she was, Olivia begins to doubt her mother and questions her about an affair, but her mother becomes angry and tells Olivia to go to bed rather than giving her an answer. Actually, I think that was the answer.

At the junkyard, Caleb and Remy manage to jump the fence and get Miranda’s bag, but Remy is almost crushed by her car when she gets stuck in the window. Caleb manages to free Remy, but when the boss dog gets loose, Remy is almost attacked. Thankfully, Luke shows up in time to fight off the dog and then fight Caleb before grabbing Remy and driving away.

Caleb looks through Miranda’s bag and finds a letter addressed to Miranda from her mother.

Caleb reads the letter out loud, which helps Miranda find him. She is dead, but she and Caleb are able to see and speak to one another. Miranda asks Caleb if she can stay with him, scared that someone is after her. Who can be after a dead person? This is gonna get really scurry.

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