Nov.11 / 2013

Ravenswood Recap 3: Believe

It’s time for Miranda’s funeral and her Uncle Raymond is preparing her body. Before putting her casket on display, Raymond cuts off a lock of Miranda’s hair. Awfully intimate for a man who hardly knew her. More on this later.

All five teens are there, as well as some uninvited guests. Olivia sees a blond teenager in front of her father’s grave, but the girl disappears before anyone else notices her.

At the wake following Miranda’s burial, Luke and Olivia’s enemy Springer, who also apparently works for Raymond, makes a comment about Miranda being a run away. Caleb sticks up for his friend and his voice brings Miranda back. Still stuck in limbo, Miranda is getting sucked between Caleb and a hallway in her uncle’s house. There are other spirits in the house and they seem hostile towards Miranda.

Caleb and Miranda try to go for a walk after her funeral, but Miranda isn’t able to leave the cemetery. She is bound to the Collins grounds. Could this have anything to do with her uncle cutting off a lock of her hair? Did Raymond bind Miranda to the grounds for eternity?

The police are at Miranda’s funeral and Olivia and Luke see their mother arguing with the Ravenswood police chief. They talk to an officer named Clark, who used to be friends with Luke, and Clark tells the teens that they are trying to find a woman named Abby, who they think has something to do with their father’s death.

Luke and Olivia confront their mother later that day about Abby and Mrs. Matheson has a shocking response. Their father wasn’t having an affair with Abby, because she’s been dead for 20 years. Freaky. Their father Charles dated Abby when they were teenagers and she died along with four other teens in a laboratory explosion at the high school. Charles believed that Abby was trying to tell him he was in danger right before his death.

Olivia goes to the high school to look around at the rebuilt laboratory and hears screaming. She runs into the hall and closes the door, but when she looks back she sees Abby with her skin in the process of being burned off and begging for Olivia’s help.

Remy tries to convince Olivia and Luke of her theory on the five teens dying after soldiers return, but Luke still isn’t ready to believe that their fate is sealed. He points out that the teens often died when a large group of people died and Remy believes that these events, like explosions in the Ravenswood mine, are simply used to cover up the death of the teens.

Raymond Collins offers Caleb the carriage house to stay in while he’s in Ravenswood, which seems awfully nice. Raymond fired Springer earlier that day for breaking into his liquor cabinet to drown his sorrows after his girlfriend broke up with him. Did Tess end things with Springer to salvage her friendship with Olivia?

Raymond wants Caleb to help around the cemetery in exchange for board. Raymond said that house was used by their gardener before he retired, but we later hear Raymond tell Mrs. Grunwald he lied to Caleb and said that the gardener retired. Mrs. Grunwald quipped that she hopes they think ‘it’s just rust’. So…the house is full of blood?

The four living teens and one dead one meet in the carriage house. Caleb admits that he can see and speak to Miranda, but Luke is still sceptical. They decide to try an impromptu séance in hopes of connecting with Abby. Unfortunately, Olivia forgot the golden rules about Ouija boards – one question at a time and only things that can be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Finally, she gets Abby’s spirit to respond and they find out that Charles did know the curse and that’s what got him killed. Abby also tells the teens that the person that killed Charles is after them. The letters begin to move by themselves and spell the words ‘FIVE PACT’.

The teens hear a crash and Caleb runs outside and finds Springer, drunk and upset that Caleb is living in the carriage house.

Caleb hears Miranda scream and runs back upstairs. The spirits are upset because of the séance and Miranda sees the chandelier above the teens begin to shake. She pushes them all out of the way right before the light drops exactly where they were sitting only moments before. Not only does Miranda save her friends, but now it’s not just Caleb who can see her.

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