Nov.11 / 2013

Ravenswood Recap 4: The Devil Has A Face

Things get a little hairy on last night’s episode of Ravenswood. We have ghosts, plays, and romance going on. Let’s get on this.

Upon investigation, Miranda tracks down Abby and her group of five dead teens but they all run away from her… or something behind her?

Back in Caleb’s room Miranda gets flustered around him. Uh-oh guys, I think she’s developing feelings for him.

The kids discuss what had happened at the seance and they all agree that shizz is getting cray.

We’re getting more insight into Olivia and Luke’s mother’s relationship with Uncle Raymond. I think Uncle Raymond likes the Black Widow Rochelle.

Meet Caleb’s long lost uncle! And I think he has something to hide.

In the most emo-way possible a ghost may act, Miranda tearfully constructs an email to Hanna with sheer will. She tries to get Caleb to go back to Rosewood, but it’s not possible.

Caleb’s uncle gets Caleb a mystery set of keys… to what? We probably will find out next week.

Miraculously we meet Miranda’s mom…

Meanwhile Luke and Remy break up. Luke is swimming in a river called Denial and Remy can’t help but search for the truth.

And Miranda is lead into that great white light.

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