Nov.11 / 2013

Ravenswood Recap 5: What Dreams May Come Undone

On this week’s episode of Ravenswood, the crew finds out what exactly in in the box (and no, it’s not Gwyneth Paltrow’s severed head) and they find themselves deeper and deeper into the meaning of the Ravenswood curse. Care to find out what happens? Read the recap here.

Miranda finds herself in the arms of her mother and makes a new friend…

… except this friend is of The Exorcist-y kind.

Olivia and Dillon spend some quality time together, trying to figure out the clues left in the box.

Something fishy is happening with Raymond Collins. Like, we want to believe he’s good but it he?

Hanna and Caleb talk on the phone and try to mend their strained relationship. Caleb, be careful! She might just pop up when you’re off slaying dragons.

We find Remy off in the middle of the night covered in blood. Looks like she sleep-break-and-entered the coffee shop that used to be the town’s bank.

The crew comes to pick up Remy but realize they’re where the clue in the box pointed them to: a basement. And in that basement was a secret room. That secret room? Held s pretty freaky surprise.

Ghoulish! EEEEEK.

As the kids delve into Original Miranda and Original Caleb’s past, they realize that the corpses lefti n the room belong to a couple who sacrificed themselves to bring Caleb and Miranda back in the present time to break the curse(?). All of this is speculation of course so let’s take a second and check out Caleb and Miranda making out in the 1800′s…

and the present time. Except, what? Caleb saves Miranda from her Exorcist-y friend and in the process dies for a new minutes and is able to “be” with Miranda, where she kisses him on the cheek. Looks like their time isn’t now.

At the end we think it’s over for now… but it’s not. You see, the whole thing was a trap to get the kids killed and Dillon tried to make it happen.

That’s all the Ravenswood we have for now until new episodes air in the new year. Until then, keep it locked on M3 for everything Ravenswood.