Jan.9 / 2014

Ravenswood Recap 6: The Origin of the Curse

It’s a new year and we’re back to our regular programming - and that also means that Ravenswood is back! Post-Haleb break-up in Rosewood, Caleb gets caught up with the happenings of this cursed town.

The guys find out that the jars keep the spirits of the cursed children in one spot. that means the Collins family has been holding these spirits back. But why? Miranda was able to leave the grounds because her jar got destroyed by her Carrie-like powers. But now because her uncle cut her hair again, she’s back, stuck.

In a flashback we get to see the start of the curse, being held in a small room led by a preacher.

As the gang research the book left behind, the book suddenly bursts into flames.

They probably really needed that.

Miranda finds out how Caleb breaks up with Hanna and is upset that she thinks that she stole him away from her.

Dylan and Olivia share a tender moment. But as you can tell, he’s up to no good. Look at his nefarious hairstyle! Duh!

Remy has been having nightmares.

Olivia and Miranda have some girl time. We find out that Olivia and Dylan haven’t had sex yet and Miranda died a virgin.

The girls decide that they want Miranda’s jar again and then try to coerce Mrs. Grunwald into telling them where it is.

But in the process Mirana gets terrorized by some orange spirit. My guess? Mrs. Grunwald’s child died in one of the sacrifices.

Remy’s mom tries to help her with her sleeping problems and tries to empower her to be the producer of her dreams and control the terror.

They discover that the nightmares are just methods to keep Remy from dreaming, meaning, there is a way to see what she needs to be shown via sleep. So the gang stays with her to keep her safe. Olivia goes to hang with Dylan.

Miranda pays a visit to Mrs. Grunwald and Mrs. Grunwald tries to reason with her spirit.

Remy gets placed in the past, watching the origin of the curse. She sees all these men sign the pact.

And the pact gets sent off in a car labelled, “Hinchley, Trumbull, & Collins: Funeral Directors”. Seems suspect enough.

Mrs. Grunwald has always seemed to be on the gang’s side. But is she?

Find out next Tuesday when Ravenswood airs 9E/6P right after Pretty Little Liars.