Oct.10 / 2013

Ravenswood Theory: Do we know the Maiden of Death?

The curse of Ravenswood claimed its first victim on this weeks episode (watch online here). After seeing a woman dressed in black standing in the middle of the road, Miranda grabbed the wheel from Remy and caused the car full of five teens to crash into a river, ultimately resulting in Miranda’s death.

Now on ‘the other side’, Miranda is still able to communicate with Caleb and showed him an image of the woman in black or Maiden of Death. First, do people die soon after seeing the woman? This could mean bad news for Caleb.

Second, have we seen the woman’s real face before? Upon some digging, we did a side by side comparison of the woman in black and Rachael Willis, one of the teens that died with the original Miranda and Caleb, and they look like they could be the same person.

In what we can see of the obituary for Rachael Willis, she was found half a mile away from the other teens, which suggests she survived the crash and tried to swim for help. Our first official Ravenswood theory is that Rachael Willis not dying with her friends and closely resembling the figure that is the Maiden of Death, who caused Miranda’s death, are all somehow connected.

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