Oct.2 / 2014

Reign Recap 201: The Plague

Reign has finally returned and brought with it the plague. Delightful. Francis is AWOL, Mary and Catherine are attempting to rule the French Court together and everyone is trying to stay alive. Plus, we meet two new characters for the season. Find out what happened during last night’s Season 2 premiere of Reign below!

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The Black Plague has reached the French Court and Mary and Catherine are warning their people. In an attempt to keep the panic to a minimum they’ve assured the people of France that their king is safely in isolation from the plague and definitely not gallivanting through towns to find his love child. Definitely not.

Greer sees Leith with Lord Castleroy’s daughter Yvette and assumes her ex-boyfriend is dating her future step-daughter to upset Greer. It’s getting very Jerry Springer in the French Court. Leith looks just as shocked as Greer when he sees Yvette hug her father and I’m still pulling for Leith as a good guy and believing he really didn’t know who Yvette was. Yvette begs Leith to run away with her and escape the plague, but he’s hesitant. Greer waits for her chance to speak with Leith alone and begs him to end things with Yvette rather than force Greer to endure Leith being in her life without being with him. Ugh. These two break my heart.

We see how quickly the plague can spread in French Court, a place where everyone is having an affair and no one is washing their hands. A nobleman leaves his mistress, who has the plague, in bed and then shares drinks with other members of the French Court, quickly bring the Black Plague to the castle. The nobleman later spots Pasqual, the young boy Kenna and Bash are caring for, and mistakes him for a servant. Kenna tells the man that Pasqual is her ward, but he calls Kenna and whore for sleeping with Henry and leaves with Pasqual. Well, that was rude. Kenna runs around the castle trying to locate Pasqual and eventually finds him in the nobleman’s quarters. Correction, the dead nobleman’s quarters.

Pasqual is covered in the man’s blood and a maid spots Kenna and Pasqual, alerting the guards and getting Kenna and Pasqual locked up together.

Kenna stays in a separate room in the quarters and tries to comfort Pasqual as he slowly dies. Not to rush through the mourning process for little Pasqual, but does this mean Kenna will never know that Bash killed Pasqual’s father? That seems like a big fight that was easily avoided with the boy’s death.

Bash has been searching the castle for Kenna and instead finds a woman who is infected. He stabs the woman when she lurches towards him and fears he may have infected himself. Bash keeps searching for Kenna and eventually finds her and frees her from the locked room. I really like these two together. I’m glad neither died a horrific death.

Catherine and Mary are trying to rule the French Court, but they’re terrified that Francis is dead. It’s a bit distracting. Nostradamus believes he is immune to the plague after surviving two plagues in his life and volunteers to go after Francis and help bring him back to Court. Nostradamus leaves the women, who predictably begin fighting immediately.

A nobleman named Edward has come forward with an unusual request. He wants Mary to send his foe, Pierre Valont, to the dungeon with the rest of the infected. Pierre has been sleeping with Edward’s wife and Edward informs Mary he will tell his family to stop delivering the wheat the French Court, ensuring a famine, if she does not agree. This guy really holds a grudge. Catherine is all for killing one adulterer to keep the wheat deliveries coming, but Mary refuses.

Francis finds Lola and their son, who survived the difficult birth. Lola lost a lot of blood after the delivery and she’s not ready to travel, but when a young boy in the midwife’s house shows signs of the plague they hit the road.

Along the way they run into a man named Conde, who recognizes Francis and identifies himself as his cousin. He gives them shelter for the night in his swanky camp.

When daylight hits, so does Lord Narcisse, a man Francis recognizes from Court. Narcisse tries to frame Conde as a liar and Conde does the same. I know these two are going to be big characters this season, so there’s a good chance they’re both liars. This is the French Court, after all.

Conde tells Francis that he has a ship going to the Netherlands and offers Lola and the baby a spot on it. Francis agrees and tells Lola the plan, but when he finally gives in and holds his son, he realizes he can’t send him and Lola away. Oh Francis. You were so close to giving Lola a fresh start and your marriage an actual shot. He totally smelled the baby. No one can resist the baby-smell.

Nostradamus returns and tells Catherine and Mary that the house where Lola gave birth is burning. The women try to convince themselves that Francis escaped, but realizing the King of France may be dead pushes them both to extremes.

Edward returns, furious that the plague is spreading, pushing Pierre Valont to lock himself up with his family, making him difficult to reach inconspicuously. Edward is getting more evil by the minute and now suggests killing Valont and his entire family. No big surprise, Catherine agrees, but Mary still refuses, wheat or no wheat. She and Nostradamus devise a plan that involves slipping Catherine a potion that makes her sick, forcing her into isolation in the bedroom. I kinda like Mary and Nostradamus as allies.

With Catherine out of sight, Mary tells Edward she doesn’t negotiate with terrorist. I’m paraphrasing of course. Edward, again super evil, informs Mary that he took matters into his own hands and poisoned the water that was delivered to the room where the Valont family were hiding from the plague. Mary rushes to the room and finds it full of dead people, including Yvette. But why wasn’t she with her father and Greer? Hm. I kind of feel like that love square was resolved a bit too quickly and easily.

A little girl who died in the room visits Bash in a dream and informs him that a reckoning for the dead is coming. I guess that answers our question about whether there will be more ghosts in Season 2.

Furious by Edward’s actions, Mary waits for him to signal to his family to deliver the wheat and then has him locked in the dungeon with those who have been infected. Queen Mary is not here for your shit.