Oct.8 / 2014

Reign Recap 202: Drawn and Quartered

The plague continues to ravage France and the dead bodies are piling up. One of those bodies is Yvette, Lord Castleroy’s young daughter. Possibly looking for somewhere to aim his anger and grief, he and Greer ride out to Leith’s land. Lord Castleroy believes Leith went after his daughter Yvette to get back at Greer and strikes Leith, telling him to stay away from his family.

Greer later goes back to Leith’s house to apologize to him for telling Lord Castleroy that she believed Leith was with Yvette to hurt her. Having now lost two women, Leith asks Greer to leave and never come back.

Greer returns to Court and admits to Lord Castleroy that she visited Leith, but only to say Yvette’s death wasn’t his fault. Lord Castleroy can’t decide whether to believe Greer when she says she has no feelings for Leith (I don’t!) and decides to go away to see his children, admitting that he doesn’t’ know whether he’ll be back.

Francis and Lola return to the French Court and while Mary is relieved to see her husband alive, it can’t be easy finding out that he now has a son and an heir. Francis gets right to work and tells Bash he wants him on the King’s council acting as his advisor. Bash thinks politics is a liar’s job and doesn’t want any part of it.

Francis introduces his cousin Conde as the man who saved them and Kenna makes note of the same thing we’re all thinking; dayum!

We’ve got our first sex scene of the season thanks to the new Queen and King. Dayum x 2.

Francis apologizes for leaving impulsively and apologizes for returning with Lola and the child, admitting that he wants to be a part of the child’s life. Mary asks Francis to not claim his son, but Francis is conflicted.

Lord Narcisse has arrived at the castle and finds Catherine, demanding to know about his son’s death. It turns out that Edward was Narcisse son. Roh row.

Mary and Nostradamus agree the say that Edward died naturally from the plague and not because Mary put him in the dungeon with the sick.

When Narcisse goes to the dungeon to identify his son he finds a man still alive, somehow immune to the plague. Narcisse speaks to the man, who tells him that Nostradamus forced a healthy Edward into the dungeon. It’s strange that the man says Nostradamus, who wasn’t even there, and not Mary. Narcisse confronts Francis, Mary and Catherine in court and tells them to kill Nostradamus or face all the Lords turning on them at this crucial time.

Mary goes to see Narcisse, who admits that he knows Mary was responsible, but also knows she is untouchable. Mary tells Narcisse that his son Edward was a monster. Narcisse slips up and says that Edward was to be married, revealing Edward’s story about Pierre Valont sleeping with his wife as a lie. Narcisse refuses to bow to Mary and instead demands that Nostradamus will be drawn and courted, a horrific death where people have their limps ripped out. It’s getting real Game of Thrones up in the French Court.

Mary and Francis attempt to devise a plan to keep Narcisse and the other nobles happy without killed Nostradamus. Francis remembers Conde saying he believed Narcisse was killing families and taking their land, so he sends Bash to investigate. Mary thinks Edward was trying to kill Valont on behalf of his father and looks to Lola to help find evidence.

Bash speaks to a man who works in the cemetery and learns that Narcisse was killing people for their land and then burying them with the sick, therefore destroying murder evidence. A woman is nearby and praying for the dead at the cemetery when she sees Bash and tells him that the plague kicked down the door between the dead and the living and that the spirits will have a reckoning. Anyone else feel like Bash attracts ghost-lovers? Bash tells Francis about the dead wanting revenge and he begins to fear that his father, who he killed, will come back to haunt him.

In her investigation, Lola learns that Valont tried to speak to the king before he died and also saw a priest. The priest admits to Mary that Valont revealed in confession that he and Narcisse worked together to murder and steal from the Catholic Church. When a Cardinal was going to turn them in, Valont and Narcisse killed him. Valont couldn’t stand the guilt and was ready to confess to the king, but Narcisse sent Edward to have him killed first.

Narcisse and Conde both go to Francis and play the blame game again. Narcisse calls Conde a radical for speaking against the Catholic Church and Conde calls Narcisse a murderer for killing and taking money from the church.

There are only a few hours left before Nostradamus is to be put to death and neither Francis nor Mary have hard evidence to discredit Narcisse and not lose all the Lords in the process. Catherine goes to see Nostradamus in his chains and tells him to blame himself for where he is. She’s such a good friend. Nostradamus tells Catherine she’ll pay for her sins, meaning sending Clarissa away. Catherine tells him the Clarissa is dead and no longer a threat, but when Nostradamus pauses, Catherine begins to fear he knows that her first child is alive, which would mean the prophecy of Francis dying young is still going to take place.

The time has come and Nostradamus’ limbs are tied to rope being pulled by horses. Just as we’re about to see the most gruesome Reign scene yet, Mary puts a stop to the execution. Thank the lawd. I did not want to see that.

She reveals everything she knows about Narcisse killing the Cardinal and stealing the money and tells him she has Valont’s written confession on its way to the Vatican. Francis stops her and sends Mary away, embarrassing her in front of Narcisse and Conde. Francis shows Narcisse the outside of the confession with Valont’s seal. He says he won’t reveal Narcisse’s crimes if he agrees to leave the castle. Narcisse takes the offer, but only if he can have the land Leith was given by Francis. This means Leith must return to French Court and to a newly abandoned Greer. I am LOVING this season!

The fight between Francis and Mary was a charade and it worked. Valont did not write a confession, but he did leave his official seal in his room and that was enough for Mary and Francis to forge evidence.

Bash finally agrees to join Francis’ team of advisors. I guess he wants to try lying for a while?

Mary helps Nostradamus leave the French Court and seeing an innocent man almost die for her crime was enough to change Mary’s mind and tell Francis to claim his son as his own and help protect him.

Francis goes to see the baby and is speaking with the nurse one moment and with his father the next. Henry’s spirit inhabits the nurse for a few moments, just enough to terrify Francis (and me!).

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