Oct.15 / 2014

Reign Recap 203: Coronation

I’ve always thought Francis would look good in hats and it’s finally time for him to get a new one! Find out what happened on tonight’s Reign in our recap below and watch new episodes every Wednesday at 8E/5P exclusively on M3.

The coronation is upon us and Catherine obviously has a new dress that she’d like to show off and is pushing for a guest list of 1200 guests. Francis and Mary aka the party poopers argue that with people starving in the streets, a giant party for the nobles isn’t appropriate.

Right on cue, a man runs through tent city with a stolen basket and is killed by a guard. Inside the basket was a few chickens and some bread. So ya, people are getting desperate.

Kenna is tired of living in the French Court with Bash and wants them to have an estate of their own. Because Bash was never claimed as Henry’s son, he has no real title or land. A woman named Lady Barnard approaches Kenna and offers her husband’s services. Lord Barnard is in charge of dispensing land left by those killed during the plague. Well, that was convenient!

Kenna is naturally ecstatic to have a whole estate where she can braid her hair, but Bash squashes her dreams when he tells Kenna he is investigating a murder he believes Lord Barnard committed.

Kenna calls Lady Barnard a liar for deceiving Kenna into thinking they were friends and Lady Barnard tells Kenna that she will make sure Bash is killed if he continues to investigate her husband. In answer to the question, ‘why does Kenna want to leave French Court?’ I think we have our answer.

Kenna finds the evidence Bash has against Lord Barnard in his office and destroys it, taking away Bash’s chance to put the man in jail, but also keeping her husband safe.

After being visited by his dead father’s ghost through Nanny Caroline, Francis fires Caroline, much to the dismay of Lola. Unable to get his father out of his head, Francis orders his guards to find Caroline and have her join him in the tent of a man who speaks to the dead. Henry’s voice again speaks to Francis and tells his son he knows it was Francis who murdered him. I think Francis’ first move to get rid of the nanny was the correct one.

Narcisse is still playing hard to get with his grain, intent on punishing Mary and Francis and really all of France for the death of his son. Francis decides to make a deal with another nobleman, but when Narcisse kidnaps the man’s son and threatens his family, he cancels the deal and flees.

Plan B comes in the form of Hans Schuler, a German Duke who has travelled to the castle for the coronation. Like Catherine, he must also have a new outfit he’s been dying to wear. Oh, and he talks to Mary about giving France grain from Germany if she can get Francis to release German Protestants that Henry locked up because of their religion. So, I guess he’s there for that as well.

Hans Schuler initially gives Mary and Francis two days to decide, but when he decides to leave early, Mary makes the call and releases the prisoners. Unfortunately, the prisoners are gone. Welp, this just got tricky. Hans Schuler makes a scene and his guards and Francis’ guards almost attack one another, but Francis thankfully puts a stop to it before there is bloodshed.

While questioning the guards, Mary learns that they were led away from their post and seduced by a woman with one blue and one green eye, a feature she remembered seeing on a woman Conde had been speaking with in tent city. She’s a real sleuth, that Queen of Scots. Conde admits that he took the prisoners in hopes of making a deal with the Germans to release the ship full of French people, including his former lover. Mary begs Conde to release the prisoners and help feed the people of France and he finally agrees. This Conde is a keeper.

The coronation finally happens and I was right, Francis does look good in a hat. Or crown.

Catherine, who is feeling very ‘always a bridesmaid never a bride’, packs a giant picnic for one and goes off to mope in the grass. Narcisse finds her there and continues to do his weird combo of threatening and flirting with her. The people of France may be eating German grain, but I don’t think Narcisse is leaving anytime soon.