Oct.22 / 2014

Reign Recap 204: The Lamb And The Slaughter

Reign 204 Recap

The time has come for Lola to pick Godparents and for the ghosts of those who died in the plague to begin returning. Plus, there may or may not be a royal baby on the way and there may or may not be a war raging from Catholics and/or ghosts. So much to talk about! Find out what happened on tonight’s new episode of Reign below!

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Lola and Francis need to pick godparents (and a name please) for their son. Catherine has dutifully volunteered, but Lola isn’t overly trusting of her son’s grandmother. I think even Catherine can see how that’s fair.


Now that Francis has claimed his son, Lola expresses her desire to live outside of the French Court in a nearby estate. Hurt that her friend wants to leave, Mary releases Lola as one of her ladies in waiting and tries to hold back tears.


The next tears that come from Mary are tears of joy. After weeks of suspicion, Mary has finally been able to confirm that she is pregnant. So, she got a plus sign? How did they do that in 1559? Francis has never been so happy and the couple attempt to celebrate their successful sex with more sex, but are interrupted by Catherine, who is frankly hilarious in this episode. She’s been watching Mary and knew she was with child and is already planning on herbs, spices, and fatty foods to help bring her second grandchild along.


Lola, Greer and Kenna are sitting in the garden discussing Greer’s lack of correspondence with Lord Castleroy when Lord Narcisse arrives with his new bride. Lola recognizes her as Estelle, the young girl from the family of the midwife who delivered Lola’s baby. Estelle’s family died in the plague and she is now married to Narcisse. All does not seem well with the young girl and this is confirmed when she slips Lola a note reading ‘help me’.


Lola speaks to Estelle and learns that there are rumours Narcisse killed his first three wives. She is scared for her life, prompting Lola to ask Mary and Francis to help the girl escape. Mary asks to speak to Lola alone and explains that they can’t have more bad blood with Narcisse. Lola reminds Mary that Lola, Greer and Kenna stood by Mary and helped her when she was going to marry a cruel Prince. Well, they were her ladies in waiting. Isn’t that their job? Mary pulls the Queen card and tells Lola she has changed her mind and thinks Lola and the baby should leave French Court. It just got real.


A shepherd in a nearby village reported that three riders cloaked in black tried to take his soul. Conde offers his services to Francis and he and Bash go to the shepherd’s house to investigate. The man says that the riders demanded he renounce God and hand over his soul to keep his family safe.


The shepherd swear he refuses, but when Conde and Bash return a few days later they find the shepherd covered in the blood of his wife and children, having massacred them all. Bash pulls back the man’s shirt and finds a marking he believes is left by the three riders. Bash is sure the man is telling the truth and did in fact sell his soul without memory of the event, but Conde thinks it’s a case of a crazy man who went on a killing spree.


Catherine is intent on making everything as big a spectacle as possible and throws a banquet the night before the baptism. Greer and Leith share a dance and when Greer fears her feelings will overtake her, she leaves Leith on the dance floor. Just give in and give us Greith.


Mary speaks to Conde about Narcisse, who confirms that though the Lord is a cruel man, he hasn’t heard anything about Narcisse killing his wives. On cue, Narcisse’s guards arrive and announce that Estelle is missing and one of the guards has been stabbed to death.


Mary runs to Lola’s room and finds Estelle there covered in blood. Knowing that her friend will go down for the crime with Estelle, Mary gets the young girl into a carriage and off the grounds before Narcisse’s men can find her.


The next day one of the servant girls who left in the carriage with Estelle returns and tells Lola that although they got Estelle to safety, Estelle thought she heard her dead parents calling to her and threw herself off a cliff. Lola finds Narcisse in the tombs with Estelle and offers her condolences. Narcisse looks distraught and explains that he married Estelle because her father owed him money and this way Estelle could keep her land. She had been having visions of her dead parents and Narcisse ordered guards to keep watch over her to ensure she didn’t hurt herself. As for his first three wives? Medical care wasn’t top notch in the 14th Century and it appears they died in childbirth and from disease, pretty run of the mill stuff. So, he’s not completely evil? Just ninety-sih per cent?


Greer has finally decided that it’s Lord Castleroy she wants to marry and rides all night to his estate to tell him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to hear it and sends Greer away, telling her he only wants to marry someone who loves him. Greer points out that they’ve never really tried to be passionate with one another…so they do. I have to say, he’s getting better looking with each episode. Am I leaving Team Leith?! What is happening to me?


Mary and Lola finally apologize to one another over a glass of wine. Probably not the best thing for the baby. Mary asks Lola to stay in French Court and be one of her ladies in waiting and Lola asks Mary to be her son’s godmother. All is well, as long as you don’t count the drinking pregnant Queen.


Mary is on her way to the baptism when she begins having pains. Conde finds her and helps her back to her room, where he notices blood dripping down her dress and onto her shoes. Mary knows she’s lost the baby, but makes Conde promise to say nothing until after the baptism.


Conde keeps his promise and can I just say these two are becoming good friends? Like, can men and women be friends and nothing more kinda thing, you know? Careful y’all!


Mary finally tells Francis that she lost the baby and he uses his rich husband moves to light up the sky with paper lanterns for her. He’s a keeper.