Oct.30 / 2014

Reign Recap 205: Blood For Blood

A sex journal, a religious war brewing, a possible wedding, and more ghosts. Find out what happened on this week’s episode of Reign, Blood For Blood.

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Lord Castleroy is attending a secret Protestant service when a group of Catholic men barge in and set the barn being used as a church on fire. Bash and Leith find out and alert Francis, who sends them to ensure no one was harmed. Leith is surprised to find Lord Castleroy covered in soot and helping an injured man away from the barn. Knowing that Castleroy’s conversion to Protestantism would put the Lord in danger, he agrees to cover for Castleroy.

Leith and Bash eventually find a young boy who was beaten to death by the Catholics and bring his body to court. It’s there that Conde sees the young boy and cries out, identifying him as his nephew.

The religious war continues to brew and the Protestants strike back, burning the homes of Catholics in a nearby village. Narcisse, who is not surprisingly behind this unpleasant matter, produces a young boy who he claims was hit in the head with a rock by Conde’s nephew, thus justifying the death.

Conde refuses to believe that his nephew would cause anyone harm and pleads with Mary to question the Catholic men who burned the barn and murdered his nephew to get the truth. He also shows Mary the burn on his collarbone, left by extremists to mark him for death. He doesn’t believe that his soul has now been taken, but he does believe extremists are trying to show that high-borns can still be targets. I believe Conde is purposely showing Mary some skin. Serious chemistry between these two.

Mary questions the men and under the threat of death, one man admits that they found a boy who had been kicked by a horse and said that Conde’s nephew injured him, thus justifying his death. Mary informs Francis of his findings and he agrees that the Catholic men need to be put to death, even though it may cause his own people to turn against him and accuse him of siding with the Protestants.

In lighter news, Kenna walks in on two female housekeepers having sex.

They’ve found a journal that includes the sexcapades of a woman in French Court and are trying out some of the moves. Kenna, the perfect person to appreciate such a novel, confiscates the book and begins reading it, hoping to find a match for Lola. What a good friend! And she’s totally bored.

It’s the day before Greer’s wedding to Castleroy and Leith makes one more play for her heart by urging her to speak to Castleroy and ensure she knows everything about her fiancé. Castleroy admits that he’s converting to Protestantism and will do anything for Greer, except give up his religion. Well, that’s not ‘everything’ than is it? Greer tells him she needs time to think and isn’t sure whether she’ll show up for their wedding the next day.

Caroline the nanny aka the woman who is possessed by dead Henry is beginning to act increasingly aggressive towards Francis. He finally confronts her, or his father, and admits that he killed Henry.

Unfortunately, Narcisse walks in and hears Francis’ admit to killing his father. Narcisse promises to keep Francis’ secret, but then reveals that Caroline isn’t possessed and has actually been working for him. Someone give that woman an Oscar. Narcisse’s has suspected that it was Francis who killed his father, which I don’t really get since no one else has noticed, and now Francis must do whatever Narcisse’s says. If Narcisse’s tells people Francis murdered the King, they will assume Mary knew as well and cut off both their heads.

Mary is on her way to Greer’s wedding when she learns that Francis is freeing the Catholic men who killed Conde’s nephew. Francis refuses to give a reason why and later that night, Mary asks Francis if he’s being withdrawn because he’s upset she can’t give him an heir. To keep his wife safe, Francis tells Mary her concerns are accurate. Really Francis? You couldn’t come up with anything other than ‘I’m upset with you because you can’t get pregnant?’ Are keeping your wife safe or breaking her heart are the only options? Your parents were the two greatest liars in history. Be more creative. Also, that dress is fab.

Much to Leith’s dismay, Greer decides she’d rather marry a Protestant Castleroy than Leith.


The wedding is beautiful and also gives Kenna opportunity to continue looking for a specific man with a birth mark, which the journal describes as being the greatest lover in court. When Narcisse begins flirting with Lola, she notices a birth mark on his arm, the same one Kenna told her to be on the look out for. So, in addition to being a total ass, Narcisse is also great in bed. Typical.