Nov.12 / 2014

Reign Recap 207: Prince of Blood

Catherine’s daughter is back in court and proves the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Plus, Bash has a shameful secret from his past revealed, Mary gets closer to Conde, Lola gets closer to Narcisses, and Francis gets further away from everyone. Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new Reign below!

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Princess Claude is making her grand return to French Court and to answer the question, does she take after Henry or Catherine, it’s both. Before even stepping foot outside her carriage, she flashes her carriage driver in exchange for some liquor. Classy.

Catherine is not at all happy to see her daughter home. What gives? She’s spent years away from France, missing her father’s funeral and her brother’s wedding and coronation. Is Catherine really as cold-hearted as she appears to be every day, all the time, with no breaks?

Catherine quickly has her daughter followed and catches her having sex with the young priest who brought her home. Again, that word is ‘priest’. That’s what Catherine was worried about. Fair enough.

Claude seems pleasant enough to Mary, but gives Kenna and her advances at a friendship an icy reception.

I assumed this was because Claude didn’t approve of Kenna sleeping with her father and then marrying her brother, but actually that’s not the case. That’s not enough of a reason to dislike Kenna. The real reason is that Claude once convinced Bash that Henry wasn’t his father just so she could do…I don’t know what exactly, but something with Bash. It’s getting very Flowers In the Attic in the French Court and Bash is understandably determined to keep his past a secret. Also, ICK.

Catherine is having one hell of a week as a parent. First, her daughter Claude returns. Then she’s visited by two little girls who are the ghosts of her two daughters that died as infants.

The super creepy girls are haunting Catherine and threaten to kill Claude, prompting Catherine to send her daughter away one more.


Greer has returned to the castle early from her honeymoon with Castleroy and is hiding in her room. Mary finds her with a gash on her arm and Greer admits that Castleroy is Protestant and locals found out and attacked them, stealing their wedding gifts and Greer’s wedding dress. Straight up jerks.

Greer’s revelation comes at a sensitive time. Narcisse’s latest demand on Francis is to enact a law requiring all men to declare their faith in front of the King. Francis knows that Protestants will be attacked in the streets and a religious war will surely ensue, but with Narcisse threatening to reveal Francis’s involvement in his father’s death, his hands are tied.

Francis enlists Bash’s help to spy on Narcisse. Bash discovers that the nanny Narcisse paid to pretend to be Henry’s ghost is dead and the only person visiting Narcisse is Lola. Francis goes to Lola, asking that she hide an envelope in Narcisse’s home. The envelope contains a cypher found in the room of an English spy and Francis is hoping to use it later to frame Narcisse as a spy. He won’t tell her what’s inside and for some reason Lola doesn’t steam the damn thing open and look herself (just me?).

Lola goes to Narcisse’s house and hides the envelope, but after letting him watch her bathe (this guy loves his bubbles), Narcisse reveals everything to Lola, including his knowledge that Francis killed Henry.

When Lola returns, Francis is frantic to know whether Lola hid the cypher. He still won’t tell her what was in the envelope and with Narcisse’s telling the truth and Francis lying, Lola chooses Narcisses and says she didn’t plant the envelope.

With her husband refusing to tell her the truth or work with her on a plan to avoid passing the law, Mary turns to Conde. She finds him in his room, continuing his pesky habit of sleeping with married women. Watch out, Mary! BTW, we also learned from Catherine that Conde is a Prince of Blood, which means he could have taken the throne from Francis if Francis had died as a child. Interesting…

Together, Mary and Conde find a Protestant Lord and ask him to come forward and declare his religion. Mary and Conde are hoping that once Francis sees that not all nobles support Narcisse’s law he will turn it down.

When judgment time comes, the Lord is too scared to step forward, so Conde does in his place. It quickly turns into a Spartacus moment with half a dozen lords declaring their Protestantism. Also, Conde is totally in love with Mary.

Francis takes the stand-off as an excuse to think about the law some more, but this means Narcisse’s has more time to threaten Francis. He informs the King that he has witnesses who will testify that Mary and Catherine tried to poison Henry before his death (whoops, forgot about that!) and once Francis, Mary and Catherine are beheaded, Bash and Francis’s baby with Lola will be next. So Francis signs the law. Can he just kill Narcisse’s already?

Narcisses finds Lola at the castle and asks her to return for another bath and then goes in for an aggressive kiss. She rightfully smacks the hell out of him, but that just seems to encourage Narcisse. What a skeeze.

A tearful Greer is the one to give Mary the bad news. When Mary finds Francis in the throne room and demands to know what happened to the man she married, Francis offers a suggestion; leave him and go back to Scotland. Shit is getting real. Where Conde at?

If Mary is going down for killing Henry along with Francis anyways, why can’t he just tell her the truth? I get that he’s hurt that she doesn’t believe he’s the same man she married, but he has to recognize that he’s been the King of Jerks for a month. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and so on and so on. Also, seriously, just kill Narcisses already.