Dec.3 / 2014

Reign Recap 209: Acts Of War

Tonight’s return of Reign was the series’ most shocking and emotional episode yet. Find out what happened on Act of War below and don’t miss a new episode of Reign next Wednesday at 8E/5P on M3.

Claude is still working hard to annoy Catherine and ensure that she’s not forced to marry some Lord and move away from French Court. She tries to befriend Mary and her ladies to get info on Narcisse, but instead she gives Mary an idea. Mary finds Francis and proposes a marriage between Lord Conde and Princess Claude as a way for the Royals to show support to the Protestants. Now that Conde has become the symbol for the Protestant religion, a union with Claude would hopefully bring peace. Plus, I think Mary knows that Conde has feelings for her and needs to marry him off or else risk acting on feelings she may share.

Mary asks Conde if he will willingly marry Claude and he agrees to the arrangement, pointing out that the marriage will mean he and Mary will be family and together always in French Court. Oh Conde, this just can’t end well for you.

Francis disagrees about the union with Mary at first and then surprises her by changing his mind. As usual, his actions have to do with Narcisse. Bash has found Father Michael, the priest Narcisse threatened if he didn’t admit Mary and Catherine tried to kill King Henry. Narcisse has been keeping the priest as a prisoner and Bash and Francis are hoping that if they follow the man that’s been guarding the priest, they’ll find Lord Montgomery, Narcisse’s other prisoners. Just to recap, Lord Montgomery is the man who was pardoned for killing the king in a duel, even though we know it was really Francis under the armor. Narcisse is hanging out to him, ready to use Montgomery when the time comes for Narcisse to have Francis beheaded for killing Henry.

When Narcisse’s learns of Francis’ plan to have Conde and Claude wed, he makes a play for Claude, hoping she’ll marry him instead. Claude surprisingly decides to step up to Francis’ request to help her family and dismisses Narcisse, agreeing to marry Conde.

This takes place after Claude and Conde have a hilarious first meeting that involves about five minutes of starring. These two would have loved Tinder.

Narcisse is enraged that Francis is allowing a Protestant to marry into the royal family and sends his men to fetch Montgomery, deciding it’s finally time to tell the French Court that Francis murdered his father. Catherine also isn’t happy about the marriage, but that’s because Conde lives at French Court, the very place she’s trying to keep her daughter out of and in turn, keep Claude safe.

Meanwhile, Greer is adjusting to married life with Castleroy and is happy with her new husband, that is until he invites his Protestant friends to their home and Greer realizes that he’s hoping she’ll consider converting. I feel like she should have seen that coming.

Greer agrees to think about becoming a Protestant, admitting that she thinks it best if their children are raised in a united house, but all that changes on the night of the Saint Nicholas dance.

Francis and Bash have left the castle to follow Narcisse’s man to Lord Montgomery, leaving Mary to announced Claude and Conde’s marriage. But before she does, Mary tells Conde that marriage is about love and faithfulness and wanting to only be with one person in the world. How does she think this is a good speech to give to someone she’s literally forcing into an arranged marriage? It’s not a good speech and after the announcement is made public, Conde packs his bags and leaves in secret, giving a note to a servant to deliver to Mary the next day. I think there are going to be some ‘I’s dotted with hearts.

Bash and Francis follow the guard to a house in the forest and slit his throat. Inside, Lord Montgomery is shackled and bloody from months under Narcisse’s control. He agrees to sign another document saying again that he killed King Henry, but Bash and Francis realize he knows the truth about Francis and kill him as well.

The night continues down a dark path back at the French Court. Protestant assassin extremist kill the guards sent into town to give food and gifts to the poor and steal their uniforms, easily sneaking into the castle. Three extremists kill Mary’s guards and when they don’t find Francis in her bedroom, they settle on hurting Mary. One of the men is the father of the Minister who was killed and hanged in the town square, an act by the extremist who made it look like the murder was done at the Crown’s order. The man gets revenge for his son’s death in a horrific scene that ends in Mary being held down and raped.

Thankfully, Mary manages to escape and is found by Catherine. In an incredible scene between the two women, Catherine shows compassion and strength, reminding Mary that she’s been in the same situation and imploring Mary to not let these men kill her spirit or disgrace her honour.

Mary somehow summons the strength to get dressed and present herself in Court to assure the French subjects that all is well and that she and the King remain unharmed. It’s a dramatic and emotional moment between the two women. When Francis returns ready to tell his wife the truth about Narcisse, he’s met instead with the devastating news from Mary and vows to kill the men who raped her.

It’s difficult to tell whether or not he’s sincere, but the Protestant assassins storming the castle seems to have finally moved Narcisse to realize it’s his fault that people are being pushed to the brink of sanity. He visits Lolo to check on her after the attack and reveals that he still thinks of her all the time. Lola doesn’t respond, but it looks like she’s been thinking of him as well. Let’s not forget that it was only a few hours ago that Narcisse tried to convince Claude to marry him.

Finally, news of the Protestant extremists sneaking into the castle begins spreading and Jacob, a Protestant, rushes to Castleroy’s house to help him and Greer escape to safety. It’s then that Castleroy and Jacob realize that money Castleroy donated to help build a school went instead to pay for the extremists assassins, much to Greer’s horror.