Dec.10 / 2014

Reign Recap 210: Mercy

Tonight’s mid-season finale of Reign ended with a cliffhanger for each character. Let’s see how they got there with our Mercy recap!

Conde has returned to the French Court after learning about the attack and offers his services to Francis, but I think we all know what he really came back for – to make sure Mary is alright. She is definitely not.

All Protestants are being rounded up and brought to the dungeons for questioning, which in the 1400s means torture. Mary is going through the lines of men looking for Severn, the man who raped her, but he and his two accomplices have escaped. The dungeons are overflowing with men, forcing many to stand outside in the freezing temperatures. When a few of the prisoners revolt and kill a guard, Francis has them hanged for all to see. His reign as a merciful King ended the night Mary was attacked.

Greer and Castleroy returned to French Court after hearing of the attack so that Greer could check on Mary. With Kenna and Lola present as well, Mary tells her ladies that not only is she moving back to her private quarters, but she’s doing so because she was raped and doesn’t feel safe in the room she and Francis shared. They are horrified at her news and vow to keep her secret, but Greer also realizes that Mary’s attack means she won’t be likely to help Castleroy if he’s rounded up for questioning.

Leith is sent to bring Castleroy to the dungeon, but instead finds Greer and warns her to leave with her husband immediately. Castleroy won’t listen to Greer and three guards come for him in the night.

Thankfully, Leith cashes in his favour with Francis from when Leith’s land was given to Narcisse.

Castleroy is freed, but Greer decides to stay in French Court instead of going with her husband, leaving the couple’s future and Greer’s future with Leith uncertain. I don’t want to jinx anything, but could Greith rises from the ashes? Yaaaasss!

Catherine’s dead twins are amping up their creepy factor and showing that ghosts can mess you up physically. They’re constantly following Claude and one of the girls almost rips off Catherine’s arm to show they mean business.

Catherine tries again to force Claude to leave the French Court. She offers money, she slaps her, she does everything but throw her out the window (that’s Henry’s move). When the twins tell Catherine to get rid of Claude or they will, she finally agrees and poisons her daughter’s tea. Or was it just to make her sleep until she figures something out? Did Catherine actually just kill her daughter? Damn, this episode is dark.

Bash finds Claude the next day, almost passed out in the hallway. Again, is she dead? Damn you mid-season finale cliffhangers!

For killing her daughter, Catherine is haunted by an evil ghost while she sleeps. Actually, it’s King Henry, who has come back from the dead to have sex with a wife he was unfaithful to while he was alive. Where is this storyline going?!

Francis finally, finally, FINALLY tells Mary that Narcisse was blackmailing him because he knew that Francis killed Henry. Deep stuff. Francis tries to explain to Mary that he was trying to protect her, but I’m pretty sure all she heard was ‘I didn’t trust you with a secret and as a result I put you through hell and then you were assaulted.’

After hearing Mary’s shocking confession, Lola regrets not helping Francis bring down Narcisse earlier and does what she can now. Narcisse has gone into hiding and Lola brings Francis a map of a country villa Narcisse told her about once. Lola’s map leads Francis and his men right to Narcisse, but instead of killing the Lord, Francis remembers Lola’s words and decides Narcisse will be more useful alive.

As Francis tells a shackled Narcisse, ‘you’re my puppet now’. Oh snap, dark Francis has arrived!

Conde goes to the house of the man who leads the Protestants, but finds him hanging by suicide. When he can’t find Francis to update, he tells Mary instead. Mary gets an idea to find the man’s wife and see if she may know where Severn and men are hiding.

The woman admits that her husband left money at a peasant’s house for Severn when he threatened to kill the man’s wife. Rather than be tortured by the royals, the man then killed himself. Gawd, this is a dark episode. Conde wants to return to the castle to get extra soldiers so that his only backup isn’t a queen in a gown, but after her attack Mary has decided to carry a knife at all times and refuses to risk Severn and his men getting away. They ride to the peasant’s house and arrive moments before the men. Mary faces her rapist, who says he doesn’t regret what he did to her, cluing Conde in on why Mary is so intent on revenge.

Rather than bring the men back to court to be publically hanged, Mary and Conde set the house on fire and leave the men to burn alive.

Francis is excited to tell Mary he found Narcisse, but Mary one up’s him by informing Francis that she and Conde found and killed her attackers. She then admits that she blames Francis for her attack and tells him she’s decided they will be man and wife in name only and live separate lives. WHY IS THIS FINALE SO DEPRESSING? This is depressing. I am depressed.

Back in her own room, not to be confused with the room she shared with her husband in name only, Mary receives a letter from a servant. It was the letter Conde wrote for Mary when he planned on skipping out on his engagement and in it he admits that he loves Mary. She looks about as shocked to read the letter as we are…so not at all.

Speaking of Conde, his equally handsome brother Antoine has arrived at French Court to make sure Conde is still spying on Francis and remembering to be loyal to his family and not his new friends in France. Oooooo now this is the kind of scandal I was waiting for!