Jan.28 / 2015

Reign Recap 212: Banished

Rumours have begun circulating that Greer’s husband Lord Castleroy financed the protestant radicals. Mary asks Greer whether there’s any truth to the rumours and Greer lies, deny the rumours.


When Leith checks on her later, Greer admits that Castleroy did give money, but he thought it was being used to buy a school. The two search for anything that would link Castleroy and Greer to the radicals, even visiting the counting Castleroy left for Greer. The accountant says he’s heard the rumours and has hid Castleroy’s personal ledger, knowing he would go die for the crime as well.


Apparently his hiding spot sucked, because the ledger is found and Greer is sent to the dungeon! Mary visits Greer and is kinda heartless. She and Francis managed to keep Greer alive, but her title and land are being stripped from her as is her position as Mary’s lady in waiting. WHAT? Mary sends her friend off like a dirty rag. That’s it? That can’t be it! Leith will rescue Greer, right? Right?

Francis is still trying to creep past the ‘five feet back’ line Mary has put up around her and is understandably a little bit upset when he sees Mary grab Conde’s hand.


At the Ice Ball later that night, Conde and Francis start bickering with one another and Conde throws down the ‘I know you can’t protect your woman’ move. Daaaaang. That’s a move. I guess parties used to involve guests hitting one another with sticks, so Conde and Francis take part, even drawing some blood.

Suddenly Conde’s secret crush is full-blown knowledge in the French Court.

Mary stops the fight and then tends to Francis’ wounds, although he’s not really excited to finally have her touching him again. Instead, he reminds her that when the time comes for them to have children, any question of the child legitimacy could start a war.

Mary is hella pissed, but does see Francis’ point. Rather than breaking all ties with Conde, she asks Lola to consider wedding him herself. Lola approaches Conde with the idea and he seems somewhat open to it. Hm. I like this match.

Later that night, Francis asks Mary is she’ll let him watch her while she sleeps (it was less creepy when he said it) and she agrees.

Claude is finally aware that her mother’s hate was borne from a belief that Claude killed her twin sisters. With this knowledge, Claude seeks out Bash’s help to uncover who really killed the girls. She also apologizes for outing their past relationship to Kenna, but that part didn’t seem sincere.

Bash agrees to help Claude, but first he gets to tell Kenna his big news. Narcisse has admitted to embezzlement, the only charge that lets him keep his head. This means Francis and Mary get to divide out Narcisse’s land. Bash turns down a Dutchy, which would have made Kenna at Duchess, and instead opts for a Barony, still giving them land and title and allowing Bash to stay on as the King’s Deputy.

Kenna’s celebration is cut short when Diane, Bash’s mother, makes an unannounced return to French Court. Just to recap, Diane was Henry’s mistress until she was replaced by Kenna. Now Kenna is married to Bash, the son Diane and Henry share. So yeah, it’s awkward.

Claude and Bash find one of the nannies that cared for the twins when they died. She’s now a noblewoman, which looks fishy. After little to no interrogation, the nanny admits Henry would drug her and force her to have sex with him.

One night she lost track of time and when she went back to the nursery, the windows were open and the girls had frozen to death. Seeing Claude’s dress nearby, the nanny ripped off some fabric flowers and shoved them in the girl’s mouths, thinking Catherine would easily forgive her young daughter.


Case closed! Or is it? Bash continues to dig and remembers his mother being angry with his father around the time the twins died. He confronts Diane and she admits that she killed the twins to punish Henry for not only continuing to sleep with Catherine, but for also sleeping with the nanny. DAYUM.

Bash is furious and tells his mother to leave France and never come back. She agrees, but before she does she informs Bash that Kenna once tried to have them killed by telling Catherine that Diane was trying to get Bash legitimized. Bash then confronts Kenna (so much confronting!) and she admits that what Diane said was true, but it was before she loved Bash, back when she loved his father. EW. Bash storms off, telling Kenna he can’t forgive her. Bash is getting awfully self-righteous for someone who kills people each week.

Catherine is still playing house with dead Henry and the dead twins. She’s conflicted between making things right with Claude and making up for lost time with her ghost family.


At one point, she almost freezes to death when ghost Henry convinces her to stay outside in the snow. Bash finds her and tells her the truth about the twins and the nanny. He doesn’t mention his mother, but Catherine puts the pieces together.

Catherine says goodbye to the twins and Henry for good and then she finds Diane…and she kills her. OH. EM. EFF. GEE.