Feb.4 / 2015

Reign Recap 213: Sins Of The Past

King Antoine is making himself comfortable in the French Court and that means asking Mary and Francis for money. Awk-ward!

He informs the couple that many French Protestants have sought refuge in his country because of Francis being a jerk and he needs funds to help house them. The couple aren’t sure whether he’s telling the truth, so Francis instructs, actually demands, that Narcisse look into the situation. I’m glad Narcisse is back. He knows how to stir things up.

After he finishes asking Mary and Francis for money, Antoine spends the rest of the morning hitting on Kenna. That is, until he sees Bash approach and recognizes him as the man that killed his brother during the Italian War. Conde urges Antoine to be sure before he accuses the king’s brother of murder, so Antoine decides to hit on Kenna even more to get information on her husband.

I don’t think it hurts that Kenna looks like Kenna either.

Bash is still upset with Kenna after learning that she tried to have him killed once (that lil’ thing) and even though Kenna makes him a nice dinner, he’s not ready to forgive her. Gah, he wants more than dinner? Get over it, Bash!

As usual, Bash is busy running off to chase down a dead man people in a nearby village have seen walking around. For a guy that tried to hide his Pagan background, Bash always seems eager to make himself the ghost hunter.

Instead of a dead man, Bash finds a Greek man who was buried alive after falling asleep in the snow. Bash tries to help the man, but when hunters arrive, the man flees and is killed with an arrow to the back. Shoulda stayed home and had dinner with Kenna.

When Bash returns to the castle he finds a sober Antoine pretending to be drunk. With a few slurs from Antoine, he’s able to confirm that Bash knows the area where his brother was killed. Just playing devil’s advocate here, but Bash was raised with royals, which means he was educated with royals and is probably pretty good in geography. Or he killed Antoine and Conde’s brother.

When Bash rids himself of a drunk Antoine, he goes back to his chambers and tells Kenna he’s going to work on forgiving her. That’s good news, since I’m pretty sure Antoine is going to kill Bash in the next few days.

It’s time for the First Bloom Party to mark the end or at least the promise of an end of winter. Kinda like an early version of Groundhogs Day. Things have been good with Mary and Francis, with the two finally sharing a bed again and even dancing at the party.

Conde asks Lola if she’ll be his date and she says yes, but later her feelings shift towards Narcisse. You have to give it to Narcisse. He no longer has any land or money but still hits on women in power.

He tells Lola to wear a flower in her hair to indicate whether she wants to meet him secretly after the party, but when she sees Narcisse making out with Claude later that day, she changes her mind and decides to try to make things work with Conde.

Narcisse finds out that Antoine has been speaking with Queen Elizabeth in England and alerts Mary and Francis immediately. Mary approaches Conde and asks him to look into her brother, but Conde lays down the ‘stop playing with my feelings’ card and shuts her down.

Mary and Francis’ next move is to go directly to Antoine, which probably should have been their first move. He admits that Elizabeth approached him and offered help, but he would rather remain allies with France. Elizabeth is threatened by Mary and is working towards crushing her cousin. I guess there won’t be a family reunion picnic this summer.

Mary and Francis decide to give Antoine the money, but Elizabeth’s threats make Mary feel vulnerable, prompting her to push Francis away again and tell him to find another woman to love. I guess the honeymoon is over.

Although we saw Catherine rid herself of her dead husband and daughters, she’s still having hallucinations, this time about Francis dying. When Mary hears Catherine screaming and finds Catherine in a room alone, the jig is up. Time for a doctor. It would appear that the doctor isn’t from around here, because he asks Catherine if her late husband had affairs. Try affairssssssss.

The doctor determines Catherine’s hallucinations have been caused by syphilis and orders a round of ‘Birds Pecking At Feet’ and ‘Being Steamed in a Barrel’.

I’m sure these treatments had medical names and I’m also sure they didn’t work. Narcisse finds Catherine in her barrel and is strangely nice to her. I can’t figure him out.

When Narcisse learns that Catherine’s sores are only on her hands and inside her mouth, he begins to think she’s been poisoned. Together, the two perform some kind of Bill Nye the Science Guy experiment and conclude that Henry’s bible, which Catherine holds every day, is covered in poison. Does that mean someone other than Mary, Catherine and Francis was trying to kill Henry? Man, that dude was not likable.