Feb.11 / 2015

Reign Recap 214: The End Of Mourning

Mary and her ladies are making the most of the cold weather by having sledding races, but Mary is quickly distracted when she sees Conde flirting with Lola. You know, the way she ordered him to do. Conde has invited Lola to his estate for a few days and asks Mary’s permission, which she grants after putting on a brave face…and a funny hat.

King Antoine is still flirting with Kenna and this time Bash walks in on the interaction. Bash tells Antoine to keep his hands off his wife and Kenna is upset that Bash embarrassed her and tells him he needs to work less and be with her more.

Conde sees Antoine flirting and urges his brother to return to Conde’s estate. Instead, he wants to stay in France and kill Bash. I dunno, a weekend in the country sounds more relaxing

Mary’s uncle, the Duke of Guise, has returned to France and wants his job back after fleeing France and Mary during the plague. Mary isn’t keen to give a position of power to a man who abandoned her, so he tries his luck with getting into Catherine’s good graces.

Actually he wants into more than just Catherine’s good graces. The Duke finds Catherine and informs her that he’s back for his job and her hand in marriage. This guy moves fast! This guy also has competition. Narcisse is keeping close to Catherine, so close that she’s calling him Stefan. Did we know his name was Stefan? Also, good for Catherine!

Anyways, Catherine invites ‘Stefan’ to a family dinner where she informs everyone that Henry was poisoned. Francis seems more concerned that his mother is spending time with Narcisse, which seems immature of Francis until I remembered that Narcisse is the devil. The devil has already begun looking for the culprit and remembers Henry’s valet Frederic, who pushed Henry to go to church and then quickly fled when the King died.

Bash looks into Frederic next and finds out that he previously served the Bourbons, Conde’s family. Conde appeared in Court just after Henry’s death, something that seemed like a coincidence before and now looks suspect. Bash wants to continue looking into Frederic and Francis urges Mary to help them get Conde to stay in French Court.

Mary agrees and tells Conde they’re throwing him a royal party, forcing him to delay his trip with Lola. Hopeful that Mary is having second thoughts about setting Conde and Lola up, Conde presses Mary to admit that she doesn’t want him to see Lola anymore and she does. Wait, was that just to get him to stay or because she’s in love with him?

Mary continues pushing Francis away, which is pushing his back to his friendship with Lola. It seems like the two really are just friends, but with Mary’s insistence that Francis find someone else to be with, it would make sense that Francis would be with a woman who he already shares a child with. Mary’s ladies are dropping like flies.

Speaking of ladies, Kenna and Lola visit Greer in the boarding house where she now resides. Where is Castleroy and why isn’t he with his wife? Greer is penniless and alone, drinking ale instead of eating food and befriending a nice prostitute next door.

When a man in the tavern below her boarding house hits on her, Greer sends him to her prostitute friend. Unfortunately, her good deed is quickly undone. Greer gets a job interview with a noble woman looking for a ‘society guide’, but in the middle of the interview the prostitute barges in and yells at Greer for sending her a man who cut off her hair while she slept. Back to LinkedIn for Greer.

Conde’s royal dinner party quickly turns into Francis accusing Conde of killing his father moments before Catherine barges in with a letter Narcisse found proving that the Duke of Guise poisoned the bible. Our bad, Conde!

Francis apologizes, but Conde is furious and points out that they haven’t done anything even though Bash killed their brother Marcus. Bash is visibly shaken, assuring Antoine and Conde that he was simply following King Henry’s orders and had no idea he was killing their brother.

Narcisse and Antoine later meet outside the castle so that Antoine can pay Narcisse for framing the Duke of Guise and killing him. Dang! Narcisse figured out that it was Antoine who ordered Frederic to poison Henry and quickly blackmailed him. These two are obviously going to be besties.

Conde, knowing his brother is a snake, realizes what Antoine has done and confronts him. Antoine knows he can no longer kill Bash without being the first suspect, so instead he will make Bash’s life a living hell. I think we can assume his first stage of torture will be ruining Bash’s marriage. Stay strong, Kenna! Not another King!

Mary tries to apologize to Conde, but he is heartbroken that she would even think he would betray her like that. Mary finally admits that she couldn’t bear the thought of Conde dying for treason and admits that although she loves him, she can never be with him. Their love story is really depressing.

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