Mar.11 / 2015

Reign Recap 216: Tasting Revenge

Reign 216 Recap

Word is quickly spreading that not all is well between Francis and Mary. Nobles from all over France have arrived for a party that will feature wine from the year Francis was born and the chance to present their daughter’s for the position of the King’s mistress. Kenna has been placed in charge of the banquet by Catherine, who feels Kenna’s expertise in being a King’s mistress will help her pick a theme. Harsh, but not wrong.


Francis apologizes to Mary for having to see women presented as his mistress, but she could care less. Really, doesn’t care a bit. Again, harsh. Mary points out that it’s BS that he can have a mistress, but she and Louis Conde could be beheaded for having feelings for one another. No one is disagreeing with her that most of history has generally sucked for women, but I still feel bad for Francis in this situation.


Mary has arranged for an agent to secretly meet her and Louis at a safe house away for the castle. He’s going to work on getting them passage to Scotland, including finding nobles they can trust and assembling an army. Then he leaves. Then they have the house to themselves. Then we FINALLY get a Monde kiss. Loury? We really haven’t discussed a couple name. They stop short of having sex, but there does seem to be chemistry, so game on.


The next morning the couple are preparing to ride back to the castle when they see a woman spying on them. Louis sends Mary back and chases the woman, who leads him to Antoine. Of course. Antoine has been spying on his brother and gives him an ultimatum – marry Queen Elizabeth or Antoine will tell Francis about the affair and Louis and Mary will both be beheaded. No option C?


Francis is devastated that Mary doesn’t seem to care that women are trying to be his mistress and goes to bed with Navarre’s niece, Lady Amelie when she propositions him during his Tasting Party.


He doesn’t feel any better after the affair and talks to Lola. Francis tries making a play for Lola, but thankfully she stops him, because that would just get messy. Lola suggests he allow Mary to have an affair and hope she’ll come back to him eventually.


Francis agrees and tells Mary the news when she returns from spending the night with Louis. Again, feeling reallllly bad for Francis this week.


She’s ecstatic that Francis will protect their secret in French court, but Louis is worried that Mary will eventually return to Francis or that Francis will change his mind and kill Louis. Even with all those factors against them, Mary and Louis agree to stay together and escape to Scotland as soon as it’s safe.


And then we see Louis meeting with Queen Elizabeth’s valet, promising to marry the virgin queen. What. The. Actual. Hell. Louis.


Antoine is still busy pursuing Kenna and again asks her to leave Bash and marry him once his sick wife passes away. He even grabs her for a kiss and she takes a while to push him away.


What Antoine doesn’t know is that Kenna has invited his wife to French Court in hopes she would attend the Tasting Party and give Kenna the chance to see whether Jeanne truly is sick. When the Queen of Navarre arrives pregnant, Kenna has her confirmation that Antoine has been lying to her. Unfortunately, it’s too late.


Even with Bash attempting to mend their marriage, Antoine plants the invite Kenna sent Jeanne in Bash’s desk, forcing Bash to ask Kenna why she would invite Antoine’s wife to the party. Kenna admits that Antoine proposed to her and she considered saying yes, crying that Bash could never give her the life she wants. Bash leaves and I am le sad. I really thought these two crazy kids were gonna make it.


Leith finally (FINALLY!!) visits Greer in her new home and finds her in the company of ladies of the night. That’s my fancy way of saying prostitutes. Leith is shocked to see Greer living in such conditions, making delivering the news that Lord Castleroy has been sentenced to life in prison even more difficult. Upset that she has no way out of her new life and embarrassed in front of Leith, Greer abruptly leaves.


Leith tries visiting Greer again and offers his friendship, but is shocked when he realizes Greer is working as a madam. When a local man begins assaulting one of her girls, she hits him with an apple. Leith is embarrassed, but Greer reminds him that she has no other work options. What exactly does he expect her to do?


The guy that was a servant in the kitchen not that long ago takes off, but thankfully changes his mind and bursts into Greer’s room. GREITH LIVES!


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