Mar.18 / 2015

Reign Recap 217: Tempting Fate

Reign 217 Recap

The Agent Mary hired to ensure a safe passage for her and Louis was killed by a man outside a tavern, with the letter from Mary stolen in the process. The Agent was supposed to land in Scotland in the next week and then send word to Mary to let her know it’s safe to travel. Louis isn’t named in the letters stamped with Mary’s seal, but Mary’s life is definitely at risk.


Catherine is beginning to grow suspicious of Mary’s relationship with Louis and Francis tries to cut his mother off, saying that Mary would never have an affair. Francis then tells Mary to be more discreet and Mary realizes that even without the Agent, she and Louis must leave immediately.


Meanwhile, Louis is still meeting with Queen Elizabeth’s envoy and learns that Elizabeth wants to see him in person before agreeing to marry him. Essentially, she’s checking out the goods. The envoy informs Louis that they set sail for England in two days, which doesn’t give Louis and Mary enough time to escape.


Louis finally comes clean to Mary about his meetings and she’s understandably devastated that he would lie to her. Still, they move forward in their plan to escape to Scotland.


The envoy is arrested on Mary’s orders and held for treason. Louis breaks the man out of the castle dungeon and sends him to a port in Scotland at the man’s request, learning which ports have English soldiers and which don’t, giving Louis and Mary safe entry. These two are pretty smart for people about to get themselves killed.


Even with the new information, Mary is unsure whether to trust Louis and he feels the same, never quite sure if Mary will stick with him or return to Francis. Finally feeling like she can trust herself again, Mary gives Louis her final choice, which is him. In return, Louis chooses Mary and the two spend their first night together. Really? Couldn’t wait until Scotland? It’s like they’re trying to lose their heads.


After Kenna admitted last week that she considered Antoine’s proposal, Bash doesn’t feel like the two can live together and sets off on a series of missions to essentially keep himself busy so he can cry alone with his horse.


Bash busies himself by arriving in the first town and saving a battered woman and investigating a man who has been stealing money from the crown. He strips the man of his title and his wife, but when Bash is alone in the forest, the man stabs him through the stomach with a spike!


Um, is Bash about to die? A major character can’t die! It’s not the season finale! Thankfully, the nun named Delphine who saved a little boy a few episodes back finds Bash and somehow drags him to her house. Well, she can save people by laying her hands on them. I guess pulling a grown man a few miles isn’t that big a deal. Before saving Bash she tells him that a) she’s not a nun and b) reminds him that there’s always a price, but he still begs her to save him. Whew. Now, what will be the price for Bash’s life?


Greith are still going strong and thank goodness because we waited a whole season for this! Leith wants Greer to leave her newfound business as a Madam and marry him.


Greer reminds Leith that she’s still legally married, so Leith asks Francis to put in a good word for them at the Vatican. Francis isn’t really in the mood to hear about true love, so Leith sees the Cardinal next. He also isn’t having it, until Leith mentions that he’s friend with the King. At that point the Cardinal looks interested, but not in a ‘I respect the King’ way. More of a ‘Let’s screw with the King’ way. I feel like this is not going to end well for Leith.


Another couple that aren’t getting anywhere are Claude and Narcisse. The older man is continually waking up to find the teenager in his bed and he’s continually throwing her out. Narcisse informs Catherine of her daughter’s early morning rituals and tells Catherine he wants to be with her instead, but she says their relationship is merely political. Uh huh. Keep telling yourself that, Catherine. The Queen Mom does take some action and hires Leith as Claude’s personal bodyguard. Please don’t let this new job be the end of Greith. We just got them back!


Narcisse pays off the man who killed Mary’s Agent and gains her letters, going straight to Catherine to prove his loyalty to her. Rather than call for Mary’s head, Catherine is worried about the young girl she’s come to care for (hell has frozen over this season) and instead rushes to Francis’ room, urging him to stop his wife before she endangers herself.


Francis doesn’t do anything but pass out. It is a lot of information to take in. The doctor says that it’s likely just an earache, but Catherine is terrified that Nostradamus and his whispering vision of Francis dying is coming true.


Narcisse manages to calm Catherine down and she thanks him by going to bed with him. Good for you, Catherine. It’s about time.


In the closing scene we see that Catherine’s fears are warranted. Bash’s deal to save his own life may have come at the cost of his brother’s death.


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