Apr.15 / 2015

Reign Recap 218: Reversal of Fortune

Reign 218 Recap

Reign has returned after its short hiatus and is picking right back up where we left off. And where did we leave off? With Francis bleeding from his ear while Mary and Conde have sex in a cottage. I think we know who is winning this break up.


Lola finds Mary the next morning and gets her back to the castle ASAP to check in on Francis. He’s still unconscious and isn’t able to hear his mother give Mary the most terrifying ‘I’ll end you if you end my son’ speech of all time. In previous situations we’ve seen Catherine be a monster, but she’s pretty justified in this delivery.

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Unlike his brother, Bash has woken up from the brink of death thanks to Delphine. Do we know yet if she’s a witch or what? Either way, it’s time to start the countdown clock on when these two hook up. Bash is heading to the castle when he sees the man who stabbed him being hung for his crimes.


Bash nods his approval, but then stops the small town entertainment when he sees the next person to he hanged is Clarissa. Blast from the past or what! Bash takes Clarissa to Delphine’s cottage and then heads back to the castle to see that his near death experience has come at the cost of Francis’s life. Or it was the news that Mary was running away. Or it’s the 1500s and people dropped dead all the time. Who knows!


Catherine and Mary want to keep Francis’ condition a secret, so the first order of business is to not tell Claude and get her out of the castle. Leith is tasked with driving Claude around town and he uses this time to shake down people for the Cardinal.


If he makes the religious man enough money, the Cardinal will give Greer an annulment. In the meantime, Greer has rented a small cottage that she’s using as a brothel to make more money. I really feel like she’s found her calling.


When Mary can’t immediately find Bash in the castle, she asks Kenna to go looking for her husband. Kenna is in a carriage when her driver has a heart attack and dies, forcing Kenna to jump out of the runaway carriage. Kenna makes it all the way to Russia, or at least that’s what her hat suggests, and find General Renauld and quickly gets her flirt on.


That is, until he finds out she’s married and then hustles her back to the castle with a messenger.


Who is General Renauld? We’ll explain. While Francis is having his nap, Mary learns that Protestant rebels are attacking her supporters in Scotland. They need troops, but if she sends French troops she will weaken France. But, if Francis dies, she will have no power and won’t be able to send any troops. Conde has a solution and knows of a private army that reports to Narcisse. Mary orders Narcisse to send for his army, which is commanded by General Renauld, and have the men head to Scotland to fight for Mary.


Unfortunately for Mary, Narcisse is still trying to get with Catherine and informs her of Mary’s plans.


It all becomes a moot point when Francis wakes up and makes his first order of business sending 2,000 French troops to Scotland. Catherine is furious and Mary feels even worse for cheating on a husband who continues to do nice things for her, like save her entire country.


So Francis magically healed himself? Maybe. Or maybe it has to do with Bash going back to Delphine’s cottage and poisioning Clarissa, fulfilling Nostradamus’ vision of Catherine’s first child dying. Or maybe Francis just needed a good nap. Again, medical knowledge wasn’t great back then.


Conde is still on Team Scotland and wants to leave France as soon as Francis has fully recovered, but Mary doesn’t want to weaken him anymore. So, Mary and Conde are done? Francis and Mary are done? Narcisse and Catherine are on? So many unknowns!