May.1 / 2015

Reign Recap 220: Fugitive

Leith and Greer decide their future together, Catherine pushes Narcisse to do the unthinkable, Kenna looks for love after Bash and Mary makes a decision that could have Francis turn his back on her forever. Find out what happened on Reign Episode 220: Fugitive below!

Leith is still working hard on keeping Claude out of trouble, which is becoming increasingly difficult.

When the Cardinal tells Leith to steal him a knife from the Map Room in the castle in order to pay for Greer’s annulment, Leith gets caught in the act by Claude, who promises to not have him killed as long as he lets her have fun.

This fun includes meeting her sex mentor Leon in town. After some fun in the sheets, Leon announces he’s heading to Paris, hurting Claude, who hopped he would live in French Court with her.

Claude takes her anger out on Leith and forbids him from seeing Greer ever again. Leith refuses and explains that he stole the knife to pay for Greer’s annulment. He tells Claude that she is young and will have her own love story one day. Since no one is ever particularly nice to Claude, Leith’s words affect the young princess and she gives Leith her diamond earrings to sell in order to pay for the annulment.

Unfortunately, Greer doesn’t see marrying Leith as freedom from the brothel she loves. She’s scared that Leith could lose his post at French Court and they would be again left without anything. Leith asks Greer to choose between an honourable life with him and the brothel and she chooses the latter. I get that Greer wants to be able to take care of herself, but this is a real heartbreaker to watch.

Kenna is still pursuing General Renaud both in French Court and in her dreams. When she invites him to walk around the gardens with her (I guess that constitutes a date?), he declines, saying that he is meeting with a nobleman in a few days to marry the man’s daughter.

Kenna decides a little thing like an arranged marriage isn’t going to stop her and she goes to Renaud’s room later that night to see if they have chemistry. FYI, we’re pretty sure they do.

After learning that Narcisse was seen speaking with Lola, Catherine is feeling insecure and asks Narcisse to prove his allegiance to her.

Narcisse does so by drawing a picture of Lola naked while in a bath and showing it to all the Lords in Court. I guess Narcisse was the original internet troll. Lola is humiliated and tells Narcisse he’s not the man she thought he was. Then he looks very sad because we think he may actually have a heart, but he keeps hiding it by making one terrible decision after another.

Mary goes to Bash looking for a bit of sympathy on the whole Francis-Conde sitch, but as Bash points out, during their affair he was almost killed because of being with Mary. She has a pattern and it’s forcing men to risk beheading to see her bedding.

Conde is on the run, but somehow is able to get a messenger to send Mary a letter asking to meet him in the woods. Conde apologizes, Mary cries, and then she agrees to help him escape by forging documents saying that he’s a Tanner. Where is he staying? It’s winter and he’s a fugitive?

Renaud has his men at all three checkpoints out of France, but since he’s the only one of his soldiers who can actually identify Conde, there’s a chance he can escape. It’s a slim chance. Renaud quickly spots Conde and has him arrested. Francis tells Mary that he can’t let Conde live after he tried to wed their greatest enemy, but Francis doesn’t get the chance to behead Conde since he’s rescued by Elizabeth’s men.

Elizabeth still wants to wed Conde, but only if he’s a King. A King of what? France. Roh row. Conde is ready to make a run for it rather than kill his cousin Francis, but then he sleeps on it and goes to a meeting in a room full of supporters. It looks like there’s only about 15 people, but he’s still pretty easily swayed. With all of the French army in Scotland protecting Mary’s country, France is vulnerable and Conde knows that. He has French blood and Francis knows that now that Conde has escaped, he’ll be coming for his throne and his head.

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