May.8 / 2015

Reign Recap 221: Seige

For the moment, the castle is a very happy place. But this is Reign, so in about five minutes that’s all going to change. Kenna and Renaud are in the honeymoon stage of their relationship even though Kenna is still technically married to Bash.

Speaking of Bash, he and Delphine are giving Katniss and Gale a run for their woods-loving money, walking through the trees, picking bark and making out. Bash convinces Delphine to visit the Castle and consider becoming the new Nostradamus. Doesn’t that mean she’d have to be besties with Catherine? Delphine agrees and quickly meets Kenna, who asks Bash for an annulment. Bash agrees to ask Francis, which is good for Delphine, who has a vision of a long life with Bash and lots of children. She moves fast. Bash later cuts his hand and dries his blood on a shirt and when he’s away at work, Delphine seduces a young servant and performs some kind of binding ceremony with the bloody shirt. Is she killing this poor servant kid to save Bash?

Francis sends General Renaud and his men out to the woods to do another sweep to look for Conde and his men, but Conde manages to spot the General first. Conde has Renaud’s son as his prisoner and demands Renaud switch sides and his son will be killed. Damn Conde, that’s harsh.

Francis is scared that he won’t be able to keep Mary out of harms way for a second time and sends her to a safe house. On the way, she is intercepted by Renaud’s men and follows them, not realizing they’ve switched sides. When she begins to grow suspicious, her guards and Renaud’s men fight and Mary is able to escape on horseback and ride back to the castle to warn Francis.

Unfortunately, Renaud and his men have already entered the castle gates. Francis and Bash are able to fight Renaud’s men and after Kenna gives Bash a heads up about a man behind him, Bash is able to capture Renaud.

Hurt and feeling betrayed, Kenna goes to Renaud to tell him off. Instead, she learns about his son and Renaud gives her information and Conde’s army. FYI, it’s big. Roh row.

Meanwhile, Catherine is trying to enjoy her time in a new relationship. Before the castle was attacked, she was spending the afternoon gifting Narcisse with his old horse. Not even a new horse? So cheap, Catherine.

Narcisse is ecstatic, but after learning that Conde is coming for the castle and Lola is being sent away to a safe house, he goes to her and apologizes for the drawing and kisses her. One of Catherine’s spies sees the kiss and reports back, prompting Catherine to later serve Narcisse his beloved horse for dinner. Damn Catherine, that’s cold, even for you.

Leith is still in charge of keeping Claude safe and entertained. When the soldiers attack the castle, he protects her as they hide in the tunnels. Well, he mostly protects her. Claude spots a terrifying face, but when Leith investigates he can’t find either a man or a ghost.

Conde sends a solider to inform Francis that he wants a meeting. The two speak just outside the castle walls and Conde lays out his demands. He wants Francis to surrender and allow himself to be beheaded. Conde will then take Mary as his bride and be King and ally to Queen Elizabeth. Francis points out that Elizabeth will never let Mary live and refuses to give up his throne.

Mary is feeling guilty as she should be about this whole war-mess she’s caused and in what I can only assume is a plan, escapes the castle and goes to Conde. She tells him that he got her pregnant. Wait, what? I call shenanigans. Mary has a plan to save herself and Francis, I’m just not sure how.

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