May.15 / 2015

Reign Recap 222: Burn

Season 2 of Reign has been building up to a huge finale and the French Court did not disappoint! Find out who got kissed, who got dissed, and who got burned, literally and figuratively.

Let’s start with the side stories. Claude is still secretly in love with Leith (we’re pretty sure and can’t blame her) and tells him that a servant has now seen the figure she saw earlier in the tunnels.

She’s worried about his safety and investigates further, learning that Delphine performed a ceremony on a servant named Marcel. She brings Marcel to Bash, who promises to investigate.

Meanwhile, Bash’s estranged wife Kenna is having a pretty crappy day watching her lover General Renaud being hanged. His body is still swinging when she runs to Bash and tells him she wants to get back together, reminding him that she called out his name, not Renaud’s during the siege. Bash is convinced and the two quickly jump back into their marital bed.

Bash breaks the news to Delphine, who congratulates him on the reconciliation and his child. When she shook Kenna’s hand she had a vision that Kenna was pregnant. This woman is a walking Clear Blue stick. Bash realizes that he’s been had and that Kenna only got back together with him because she’s pregnant with Renaud’s child. He breaks things off for good with Kenna, leaving her distraught.

Bash is likely ready to go back to Delphine when he finds out that she’s been caught performing another ceremony on Marcel, except that this time the boy is dead. This does not look good, D. Delphine swears she was trying to help the boy, but a giant pagan star around him is not helping her standing in the God-fearing French Court.

Delphine is burned at the stake and Bash knows this because she bound them together in a spell and he feels everything she’s feeling. Thankfully she’s able to escape, which stops Bash’s pain, but we have a feeling she’s going to be a pain for him for a long time to come.

As for Kenna, she has a nice Sisterhood of the Travelling Ladies Pants moment with Mary, Greer and Lola before being shipped off to Sweden where Mary has arranged an adoption from a loving family.

Thankfully for Kenna, she is smart enough to know how to survive as a woman in the 1500s and meets a young King on her way to Sweden, who we’re pretty sure is going to be calling Kenna his Queen soon. She’s good.

Okay, back to the war! Last week ended with Mary telling Conde she’s pregnant and we were pretty sure that was shenanigans. We were right. Before going to Conde, Mary sent a message to Greer asking her to send prostitutes to Conde’s camp and then fake a plague outbreak, causing many of his soldiers to flee.

Once the men begin running, Mary stabs Conde in the front, though we think the back would have been more appropriate. Francis sees Conde’s men on the run and attacks, finding his wife standing over her former lover. That’s one way to renew your wedding vows.

Francis and Mary bring Conde back to the dungeon and Francis informs Catherine that instead of killing Conde, he’s trading him to Navarre on the condition that Conde’s family never try to take the French crown again.

Catherine is hella mad, but backs down quickly. A little too quickly. Francis’ decision to let Conde live is challenged when he finds out Lola and his son have been kidnapped and his son killed. Francis is distraught, but thankfully Narcisse recognizes a Catherine de Medici move when he sees one and tells Francis he’s going to find Lola. He follows Catherine’s men and finds Lola AND John, still very much alive.

Narcisse tells Mary, who then tells Francis, who then tells his mother to leave French Court and never come back. Okay, I get that making your son think his son is dead is like, the worst, but I feel a little bad for Catherine after all she’s done to help Mary and Francis and try to get their marriage back on track.

Rather than flee for her home country of Italy, Catherine continues to be the smartest politician in France and goes straight to Queen Elizabeth. Together, they’re going to take down Mary.

And what about Conde? Right before he was to lose his head, he’s saved by Elizabeth’s men and escapes the dungeon. This guy has nine lives and I am very happy he’s attractive head will still be attached next season.

I can’t help but think part of the name ‘Burn’ comes from modern day slang. Catherine spitting on Narcisse? Burn. Mary leaving Conde for Francis? Burn. Bash refusing Kenna after finding out she’s carrying Renaud’s child? Harsh burn.

With Mary showing her allegiance to Francis, he decides to forgive his wife and try out their new bedsheets. Yay! Finally!

As with most things in French Court, the good times are short lived. We see Francis visiting Nostradamus (has he been here the whole time?) and telling his healer that he knows his illness has never left. He needs to get Mary pregnant because he’s going to die…soon. We were this close to an almost, sorta, kinda happy season finale.